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  1. I am planning to grow 1 or 2 small LST plants in a very confined space, how much soil should I use and does it matter if the pot is tall or wide?

    I want to use a short wide pot but I do not want it to affect the growth.
  2. The smaller your pot, the smaller your plant is going to grow, and the less of a yield you will get. But it will still grow, no need to worry about that.

    EDIT: don't use a small wide pot, you want to use a pot that is even on all sides.

  3. So if it is only about 2 inches tall but with a large base, will that make it grow small or just as much as a taller pot with a smaller base?

    Thanks for the help.
  4. two inches tall is barely anything... i don't even know if plants would be able to survive in that. How big is your space you can fill?
  5. Pot roots deep, and you should have 1 gallon of soil minimum. You will have severe stability issues if you go less. You pot sounds like a bonsai pot, or rather drip tray. If you had 4 inches, then i'd say give it a try and start learning how to pot bonsai trees. They use sand, rocks, some soil, and live moss.

    You won't get what you want though.

    Have you though about planting out of the side of a pot? Cut a hole and have your plant growing out of the side. This saves vertical space, and you still water from the top. Then you can low stress train and keep it practically on the floor.
  6. it is a 3 inch tall 22 oz container. I only want the plant to be around 8 inches tall and around 10 inches wide (less than a square foot).

    I have some plants growing outside but I'm interested in growing smaller plants inside and harvesting them multiple time a year.
  7. from what i hear u want a 3-5 gal pot

    i have a pot thats about 10 inches deep and wide around for my lst... so far so good
  8. I'm with toilofday on this one. If your plants become root bound they won't be very nice to you. Most root growth is vertical. What is it they say, a gallon of soil for every month the plants alive. I don't know, it'd be a neat trick to see a producer grown in a seedling tray. I'm curious myself as how to keep em that small. I can never keep em under 3 ft and starting flowering almost right away.
  9. Think of it this way...How many apples would a tree give you if you only grew it in a coffee cup and forced it to grow sideways?
    If your going to commit to something for 4 months might as well do it the best you can.. grow a 12 footer!
  10. Yeah but im just growing a mini plant. Probably one of the smallest grows but im curious as to how much I can produce.

    Will there be substantial growth after I start flowering or will it stay the same size and buds will form?
  11. It will double the size when flowering.. Some people go from seed to flower to stay small. No veg at all.
  12. Soil volume is the same regardless of the shape. I like to transplant couple times.Id say at least a gallon 2 if ya can.
  13. i read in high times that if you have a shallow wide soil bed it will send signals to the plant to grrow more bushy and less verticle
  14. I'm going to give a 2-3 inch deep container a try, thanks for all the input.

  15. wow thats really shallow, good luck

    let us kno how it goes
  16. I'm curious myself as to the results of this endeavor. Personally I'll be amazed if they make it all the way to harvest. I hope you do, but from everything I've ever researched, a large healthy root system makes for a healthy plant.

    However, maybe the fact that the root system will be stunted will help to keep the plant as short as you'd like. I mean Wow, are we talking 1 foot square for the plant or everything. It's almost like an under the bed grow... hmmm that might be all right. Green monster under the bed.
  17. Im not sure bout two to three inches deep but i had a plant i vegged for bout 2 months in a PEAT POT then about two weeks after transpanting into a 4.5" around by about 5" tall pot it 12/12 it and the whole thing was a bunch up popcorn buds that looked like one solid. was 13" tall and only weighed dry 15g's but it work well and lots of em would be good i kept it going for a long time before givin it the axe i like to experiment and try new things never know what you will learn i also work in a green house so ya know it helps quite a bit you can learn alot from growing in general very informative and fun!:p
  18. I dont understand why people ask for advice when they aren't gunna follow it anyway. seriously man, a black 2 gallon pot is like 1.59 at walmart. im sure you can cover the 3 bucks and it would probably greatly increase your yield. why take the risk of the plant not even making it to harvest for the lack of something so cheap and easy to buy?

  19. this guy totaly failed the topic. Confined space was indeed mentioned in the OP. when someone wants a small pot, they want a small pot. Sure that all the PC growers can understand that one.

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