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  1. I have 2 plants sprouting in a 4 in pot. They are in the corner but not to far in the middle. I know this probably isnt good, is it? Im guessing the plants wouldnt grow to big. Im guessing i should transplant one. Is a 4 in pot a good enough size and how big do you think it would grow if I grow it in a 4in and how much do you think it would yield? Oh yeah and its just reggies nothing special.

    Heres a pic:

  2. I suggest separating them if you still can...it should give them a better chance at surviving (I think). And as for yields, I'm sure people are going to say it all depends on the grow conditions and the actual strain you have.
    But if you're looking for a random ballpark figure, I'm also growing out of some smaller dollerstore pots (purely due to a lack of grow space) and I'm currently in the 12/12 stage, so I'll let you know how mine turn out as soon as I find out.
  3. You want one of these.

  4. bigger the better...last time i used 2gal pot and was unhappy with my final yield.. i'd say go 3gal plus at a minimum....depending if you have any height restrictions....

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