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  1. I have an auto blue mystic that is 6 weeks, 2 days old now. About a week ago I noticed that she isn't growing very fast at all anymore. She has gone from about 11.5 to 12.5 inches in a week. I'm pretty sure the pot I'm using is too small.

    Will the bud growth be stunted as well, or does stunted growth due to too small of a pot only effect the vegetation size?
  2. Being root bound CAN seriously alter your yield. Once root bound the plant can only support a certain amount of vegetation and it will shed lower vegetation/buds to make way for the new. You should have at least 5 gallon I would say.
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    3 gallon smart pot, or a 5 gallon bucket with holes in the bottom for drainage.

    By week 2 I take the plant out of a solo cup and plant into a pot that's at least 2 gallons.
    By 1 1/2 months I plant into the 3 gallon smart pot or the 5 gallon bucket for the final transplant.
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    What size pot do you have?

    You want 1 gal per foot is the general rule.

    Yes bud growth will be stunted if your root bound.So if you are bound up you need to get a bigger pot.

    When transplanting if it is root bound all the roots will be going around,and around the cup/pot.So you will see circles of roots.

    You dont want this because the roots will continue to go round,and round after transplanting.What you wanna do is either by hand gently pull the roots away from the soil,and when planting have the roots ends facing out away from the center of the plant or take a sharp razor/knife and score the roots 5-6 times around the plant.So the cut ends will grow out strait,and or create new roots from those points.

    Hope you can understand what I mean.If not dont be affriad to ask.

  5. BYOweed has a good point,Do you have drainage?Because watering to much can completely stop growth.

    I know this because I put a mother I didnt want anymore outside this year around june 5th.It rained so much this year it completely stopped growing till it dried out about 2 weeks ago.
  6. In my opinion too much watering can stop the roots froom searching out moisture left in pot at bottom, retarding the root growth.
    But over watering a plant if the medium in the pot is free draining will not kill it, but lead to lazy roots.

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