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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stoner815, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. My plants are 16-18 inches tall and I am ready to 12/12. My question is.... Should I put them in bigger pots. The pots are 8 by 8 inches tall and wide.
  2. you should grow in at least a three gal planter if ya do transplant keep them in the veg cycle for a week after transplant you dont want to shock them to much by going to 12/12 the day you transplant
  3. usually i'd flower in that size of pot at 12"....but you may see the benefits of transplanting into a bigger pot then approx a week to recover and then flower...but it depends on how much room you have?.....as flowering will double the size of your plant!......Peace out....Sid
  4. Ill send pics later but how long will I have to 12/12 them and how fast do they double in size? I cant imagine how much they will smell, Im in veg now and when I walk in my closet the smell almost knocks me out.
  5. the length of the flowering stage depends on the strain......most are approx 8-10 weeks but some will be as early as 6 and as late as 14.........Peace out.........Sid
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  10. Your pics look nice, you have done well and they look nice and healthy.Personally I would leave this crop in the pots they are in now and see what you get But if you are as serious as you seem to be about growing then you should think hard about investing in a hps lamp.My own plants (400w hps ) are about the same height now and the main stem is roughly four or five times the diameter of yours in the photos. The internode spacing ( distance between bud bearing sites ) is close to a quarter of what is evident on your plants. Please do not mistake this for bragging, I just think you should be aware how much more good bud you could be harvesting with your hard work for a relatively small financial investment. Once again I apologise if my tone seems a bit superior, I really dont mean it that way, I just think you should know the possibilities that are open for you.
    Lots of luck with flowering.

  11. I also think u shud get a lot more light in the room even if its only some more fluros 4 now. u mite wanna think about a fan aswell to shake them up a bit and add some strenth to the trunks. either that or gentley shake them 2 or 3 times a day.

    if u do repot then bury ur plants deep, as far down as u can (up2 just below the 1st lot of branches if u can) as this may also help.

    Just as a side thought but can any1 back me up on this..... when a plant aint gettin enough light it turns a darker colour to try and absorb more of the light that is going.
    i've just bin reading ur other post "my setup" u knew about the lights didnt u lol.

    so what lights r u using now????

  12. Ive seen in this site plenty of times (Hurry and flower if its sativa) Why is that? Im pretty sure a few of mine are sativa.Do they grow more than the others at flowering?

  13. Im using flouros. You guys were right about the halogen I noticed a big dif when I switched to flouro.
  14. yes sativas do grow taller than indicas.....possibly triple in size when flowered.....mine ended up 7'5".......you would also benefit from a good HPS, for your next grow.........Peace out......Sid
  15. Would it be ok to start using an hps for flowering?

  16. I agree, with a 400 watt light you are going to get twice the results of your flourescents if not more. under a 400 watt light your plants will double by the time they are done veging and you have finished flowering them.

    Also JIMBO the thought you put into covering your tone was well intentioned, we know you are giving advice through example not bragging.

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