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Pot n the wildlife!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. anyone here get their dogs/cats high? I never done it, I know few ppl who do, Im gonna have the house to myself tonight n I got a dog, he weighs bout 60 pounds hes a pittbull, me blowin a few hits in his face wont hurt em or nothin right? I've heard it wont, n seen people do it, but want to know the facts before I actually go n do it ya can some dogs be alergic to it or anythin?

    Rather be safe than sorry etc etc

    Once I get my scanner hooked up (monday) ill post a pic of me n my doggeh!
  2. If he wants to, let him, but don't grab him or make it unpleasant. I've had dogs that were, and dogs that were'nt stoners. Kinda like people.
  3. LOL blowin smoke in a pit's face might not be smart... some dogs really don't like it and it pisses 'em off... try blowing a little at him, and if he walks away just let him be :)
  4. well guys...the pot DID do damage to my dog!!!

    He fell down the steps hes so stoned.... LOL
  5. Rofl, I love watching stoned animals, heheh. Once, we were smoking in a room that had closed windows and doors and the dog was in there. After we were done smoking, we went to the kitchen to grab some snacks, the first thing we notice is that the dog is walking all weird and shit, like he can't get his bearings. heheh, then he kinda ran for the food, damn he was a hungry pooch. heheh, glad to see your dog was a stoner dog!
  6. my dog loves weed!

    after his first few times he acctually started coming to us when we were smokin weed ;)
  7. yea, i have a tiny 25 pound dog, and ill hotbox in my closet with him, totally get him high... he barely makes it to my bed before just totally knocking out for a couple hours, and then the munchies are incredible, he has to eat his wieght then....

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