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  1. so lets just say my current living situation does not allow me to smoke. heres what i was thinking.

    buy a coffee warmer, chocolate mix, and milk. put the milk in a coffee cup on the coffee warmer. put the weed in. since pot can absorb into the milk. let it sit for a couple minutes then put my chocolate mix in.

    any tips? what do you guys think? well it smell like weed?
  2. I don't think that would work very well. There's not a very high concentration of fat in milk. Maybe try heavy cream? Butter would work better.

    I don't know about the smell, I've never baked with weed or tried to make tea or anything, but I'd think it'd smell.

  3. I don't think it would smell since nothing is evaporating. Not sure though
  4. just make some edibles, it will smell while you're making the butter but then you will have a huge batch to eat whenever without fear of causing any sort of smell
  5. it takes longer to fully dissolve thc, buy an electric crock pot u could just plug it in in your room or w.e put it on low and leave bud and butter together in the pot over night.
  6. It will for SURE smell.. I cook all the time, and it usually smells very strongly.. (it depends on what you make though)..

    There is a thread of recipes on this site.. check them out. You might have to preplan and make some stuff ahead of time, but its worth it.
  7. Use whole milk and butter

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