Pot in the White House Garden

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  1. Fuck yeah Obama.
    I'm confident that Obama knows our concerns about marijuana BUT his party wont let him take an official stance on it just yet.
    He NEEDS to make it exciting and new (AND mostly right next to his re-election) to win.
    Hell next year I bet a few months before the election he'll finally comment on sensible policy with Marijuana.
    Not opting to answer anything yesterday about the subject pretty much 100% means that.
    Come on... Not answering weed questions on 4/20?
    Gotta be a joke!

    But he's going to get shit for this.
    A lot of it.

    EDIT. Oh wait, it was a fake article.
  2. Yes, it's kinda like the Onion. Nice thought though!
  3. Yeah it's like this, if he were to legalize it today, fully 100% legalization, by next year it will be like saying "Oh yeah, yay, he was the one that legalized marijuana"
    It lost it's effect with people.
    Plus to legalize weed his party has NO clue where it's gonna take him, they really don't know if it's going to be beneficial or harmful to his image.

    So damn, we're probably going to have to wait until NEXT year to hear about what's gonna happen with weed.

    The cause and support cannot be subsided until we get full on legalization.
  4. The gardner's name just so happens to be Tommy Chong. Come on now. -_-
  5. It's just about who can pay more money. Cannabis has been "ganged up on" by tobacco, alcohol, pharma, textiles, wood/paper industries because it can hurt ALL of their profits. When you have that much money lobbying and giving gifts in Washington, it's going to be a long fight. We can't outspend them, but we can sure as hell put public pressure on all our officials and then call them out on all the inaccurate propaganda they spew about why it shouldn't be legalized.
  6. For all who read this. YES, this is a fake article. I'm conducting a little social experiment with my acquaintances to see who will just run with a blatantly false story and spread it as truth. Unfortunately, too few have bothered to even read the whole article before re-posting as legit news. I did it on two forums(including this one) and FB.
  7. So, I guess anyone that reads to at least the 7th post in this thread will have done the minimum amount of research necessary to disprove the story. Props to you guys. You are more responsible than many I know.
  8. Obama is a fucking weak ass president. All bark no bite. He's just like the rest, he'll say whatever his lackeys tell him. He would NEVER change cannabis laws cause congress would eat him alive. 90% of the population wouldn't vote for him because cannabis is a "gateway" drug and far worse than "cocaine" and "heroin" (which pumps soo much money into the floundering economy) he's as fake as his wifes titties and couldn't care less that legalizing and taxing cannabis would without a doubt stabilize the American economy and start putting a significant dent in the crippling national debt All he cares about is votes, votes, votes just like the rest of the assholes. Nobel peace prize my asshole. They should take that award back and give it someone who has Actualy done something to deserve it instead of giving it him for being "black and not G.W. Bush". Fucking fraud!! Anyone with the balls to fedarly change cannabis laws for the better wouldn't last a week in office. Don't hold tour breath for the legalization of earths wonderful herb people. Youll only suffocate yourself and get a huge headache. Overgrow the government, sow your seeds everywhere you go and make this wonderful plentiful throughout the country. Share your herbs, your seeds and your genetics, don't be greedy, be kind and the kind will in turn be kind to you. It starts with you and you can can start the revolution. Spread the word and the herb, make it better for all.
  9. Obama is nothing but a fucking politician who will NOT legalize MJ or for that matter do anything to CHANGE the laws concerning MJ.
    When will you knucklehead liberals get that through your thick skulls? :mad:
  10. Liberals and conservatives alike are followers of a doomed 2-party system.
  11. Liberal or conservative, either way a politician.
  12. That may be the case, but there are those chumps out there that feel that, just because Obama smoked pot as a kid, he's going to legalize it. Thats a pretty wild assumption on their part. And to compound their stupidity, they still believe Obama is going to legalize it even after he's said he won't.

  13. irony of your post, after that nothing but ranting while never having read the thread...luv it!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:
  14. so they are growing it, but they wont be smoking it lollll
  15. Agreed. It won't be legalized until one of two things happen. We either 1)Outspend Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharma, etc(not likely) or 2)The failure to legalize must cause him to lose his office through the will of the people.
  16. Sorry pigpen. Interesting results though. FB was the best one. I posted this and it spread like wildfire. Nobody called it fake for most of the day. They just kept on posting and reposting. lol!

  17. he lost my vote, so I guess thats sort of towards losing your posistion?

    drug policy isn't my only reason but its a pretty big one
  18. I've been leaning toward Ron Paul myself, but have to do more research before committing.

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