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  1. I attend a major state university and am giving a big persuasive speech to alot of important people on the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States. I'm interested in what you all have to say about it, if you were in my shoes what would you say and how would you attack these people in an effective way?? I'm trying to make a good name for us to a mass of a variety of people including many upper class snooty assholes that will probably try to cut me down. Hit up this post with any ideas you would have to help! I have a dream that one day I will stand on my front porch and see fields of marijuana as far as the eye can see and there will be enough for all of us.
  2. i would describe the beneficial aspects of marijuana, and the harm it causes to society because its illegal. jails are crowded because even a slight marijuana offense gets you there, and government money used to halt the marijuana trade could be used to help the fight against dangerous drugs. talk about how alcohol and cigarettes are both legal and kill millions more people. force them to challenge their assumed beliefs that marijuana is as bad as heroin and you should be good to go.
  3. Be sure to make people understand that because a person chooses to use a drug for recreational purposes, doesnt mean that they are addicts who care about nothing in life. There are many examples of adults with careers and family that use cannabis and it does not have any negative effects on their lifestyle.
  4. I am writing a 10 page paper on the legaliation of marijuana, when I am finished I will post it, it could be helpful.
  5. are you Mr. Stroup?...from NORML?
  6. Try looking at the posts that superjoint puts in the news from around the world....it's got lots of arguements on the pro's of cannabis and the kind of shit the goody 2 shoes are gonna hit you with....the best one is allways that there is not 1 recorded death from smoking mj and there are millions who die from alcohol and tobacco....and also if they hit you with the ..."Cannabis is a gateway drug to harder drugs!"....you're reply should be abosofuckinglutely....because you're forced to by weed from a guy who deals heroin and crack and that he'll give you the harder drugs for free to get you hooked on them......if it were fucking legal you wouldn't ever need to meet the scum like them.....man i hate doo gooders.....Peace out...Sid
  7. WE are dogooders- those people are just ignorant because of spoonfead crap from day 1- dogooder implies that they do good...
  8. yeah i hate all them baddoers...the bastards...lol
  9. have arguements ready on what you thing the anti peole will say. out line your speach like this

    a quote by someone on the subject. someone important in history
    sentence or two on what your speach is about.
    name your main points
    main point one
    main point 2
    main point 3
    open the floor to questions

    thats what i learned in debate class :D
  10. I love debat class. As far as helping out with your speech, I've got a little chunk of info that might be useful:

    "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself." - P-to-the-resident Jimmy Carter, 2/7/77

    A great point is made here by Jimmy C.

    I'm also fond of the whole 15-year-old-with-a-gram-gets-busted-fined-lockedup-recorded, etc, etc.

    I also believe that the comparison between weed/beer/cigs is very strong. Cigs and beer are addicting. Weed isn't. Drunk drivers kill grazillions of people. Weed doesn't. Cigs cause countless numbers of diseases, almost all of which are fatal and extremely serious. Weed doesn't. Yet, weed is illegal and you can get owned by 5-0 for having just a little nug in your pocket. Hell, even paraphenalia (sp?) charges for carrying a "tobacco pipe".

    I'm sure you'll have a strong argument. Go get 'em.
  11. thank you everyone . keep em comin . i speak on friday .
  12. "Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
    ~President George Washington, 1794

    hahaha, those bastards cant argue with good ole george. he started our whole damend country..lol

    and u can also go to www.confound.com and go to the download section...at the bottom is a packet of artices about pot... all the information has a bibliography and everything, so its pretty legit. im sure u can find some good stuff in there..
  13. handouts would be good, because some of them might already have it made up in their mind that they dont care what you say, if you put something in their face then that might catch their curiosity.
  14. i'm off to give this speech . thanks for your help . hopefully i'll do you all proud as i speak for all of us . i'm so pissed off at the gov't so much more than i ever have been after researching about this shit . man i'm gonna tear shit up .
  15. Time or Newsweek had a big article about legalization and the medical mj movement a week ago. Go to the library and look it up.
  16. tell us how it goes!
  17. Be sure to keep us updated. Kick some ass.
  18. pass around a couple of joints, and then everyone will accept it...
  19. Hey everyone . I wanted to let you know that the speech went great yesterday . I usually get all nervous when i'm gonna speak but i kinda was pissed after all the research i did so i tried to use that to fuel the speech . it was to over sixty kids and by the end of the speech since i had so many good points and good research(thanks to some of you) i had the closed-minded hardcore christian kids who think we is the devil smiling . it went great. i was nominated for the best speech in the class so maybe i forged ahead on some ground for us in a small way ?? i'd like to think . you guys rule, thanks for the support and stuff, when my exams are over on tuesday i'm gonna roll up a fatty in your names . Peace .

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