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Pot Head Commandments.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Panhead, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. The PotHead Commandments

    Never rip your friends off in weight or quality.
    He who rolls it up, sparks it up.
    Never criticize someone else's joint.
    Do not hog the joint, pass it on.
    Thirst quenching beverages and fine munchies are a must.
    If someone doesn't smoke tobacco, use a pipe too.
    It's polite to share a smoke with your provider.
    Never pick an hk off the carpet with a red hot blade.
    If someones refuses a smoke, do not push them.
    Never , ever, blow into a pipe. :D :D :D
  2. yep, and its ALWAYS passed to the left.
  3. #3 is a bad one for me because I am critical of how others roll. I cosider myself to be such an amazing roller that others joints-especially the pregnant ones- just kill me.

    I do show them the better way to roll and now others are rolling good ones, too.

    People just know me and they know that I will say what I think so if it is an ugly, unsmokable joint-they will hear about it from me. ;)
  4. I kind of have a problem with #2

    After I got caught twice in one year, in H.S., right after I sparked my own roll, I've considered it bad luck. That was over 10 years ago. It might be a hard habit for me to break now, but if it's a commandment I guess I'll try. Just how serious of a sin is it, if I break it?
  5. lol rmjl! preggies ain't so bad. ;)
  6. Nice list...and yes, blunt gets passed to the left! :D
  7. WOW...April 5th, 2001...that's like a long time ago...LOL....yeah, things have changed. I'm not so critical anymore. If it'll burn, I'm happy. I still think I roll some kick ass j's though!!!
  8. I agree with ya'll!
  9. 10# kills me. I dont know what it is, but Ive come across *so* many people who do this!!!!! how annoying is that! they get all loopy stupid dumb and dont take care to besure that this doesnt happen!!!!! ugh!!! its a peeve of mine
  10. ^^yeah that sucks, one of my friends blew out my last bowl of nuget one night with out a flashlight and i didn't even get to hit it. he coughed or something
  11. three is a bullshit comandment.

    perhaps replace it with "always treat fellow smokers with the respect they deserve" or something like that.

    rollin critisism is a must, and should not be discouraged. what should be discouraged is outright slagging off or 'dissing' peoples rollin ability/technique. diplomacy is a must and any criticism should be constructive and with the aim of improving their joints or the sharing of styles.
  12. graves?

    road work holes?

    what do you dig?
  13. I hate it when someone breaks #10. I got high with this girl one time, and she was laughing like crazy. She went to take a hit, and blew the shit out of the bowl. I was so pissed, I made her buy me some more.
  14. HAHA.... i like those en commandments better then the ones in the bible...(partly, cus i dont beleive in God...) and cus those rules should be considered LAWS IN A potheads world....

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