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Pot for depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by notelliot, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I know a guy that was "diagnosed" (for lack of a better term) manic depressive, and refuses medication because he thinks being dependant on anti-depressants isn't any worse than heroin or something. but he regularly smokes pot, and when he does, he's fine.

    eh? comment
  2. i have really really bad anxiety and pot helps with that for sure, and i also dont want to go take come percription bullshit.
    eh, that my comment
  3. This is more of a personal story, so it definatley isn't the same for everybody.

    Way back in the days of ancient hip-hop and vanilla ice, when i started smoking, i was a depressed little whiney fuck. I don't know if it was the regular marijuana use or maybe i just happened to grow out of it, but i really rapidly improve from it. I have not felt depressed another day in my life. Even when i stop.

    Was it the weed? maybe.
    I think it's more likley that when you're high, you're able to attain and grasp a new point of view on your life, you're able to comprehend and understand why you feel confused and depressed; giving you an opportunity to grow away from that negative way and form up some good karma.

    As far as neurochemical depression goes, i know nothing about that.
  4. mary jane is a depressant, i dont think it actually helps him
  5. marijuana does help depression, people just classify it as a depressant, for him its the best thing to use

    however, he will become addicted to it, but it does not matter of him anyways
    but regular people, they should not use pot to make them happy
  6. well if i were him and he lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal i would talk to the doctor about it. Just like any other medication marijuana works for some people and it doesnt work for other people. There are plenty of cases where marijuana helps with depression but there are also many cases where it makes it worse so just be carefull and i suggest asking a medical expert. Also keep in mind there are probally different types and stages of depression, what works for one person might not work the other person.

    For something like depression its hard to just give a clear cut answer and say oh this drug will or wont work. Every case is different and everyone has different effects from marijuana.
  7. I've been diagnosed with depression for like 3 years, and I've taken at least 6 types of medication for it. They all only worked for a little while. Granted, I'm still working on finding the right medication for me, but MJ for me has helped more, I think. The reason is that legal pills are slow working and supposedly last a long time, which is good. The problem, at least for me, is that 90% of the time I feel ok, but every once in a while I'll just feel really bad for no reason. Take a blaze and BAM back to normal. It works almost instantly and has made my life 100% better. One might argue that it's training myself to turn to weed everytime I feel bad, but that's not the case. If I actually SHOULD feel bad, ie: failing a test, then I don't smoke to make myself feel better. It's only when I feel bad for no reason (depression) that I use MJ as a medicine.
  8. I tend to smoke as some one that smokes cigarettes would smoke..
  9. Correction: Alcohol is a depressant, weed is a stimulant. There's a pretty big difference there.
  10. actually isn't weed classified as a hallucinogen?
  11. During my school's "Drugs are bad, you willdie the first time you try them" class, they told us that it was a halucinogen (spelling, i know.)
  12. Hey,

    Is there a particular reason that I shouldn't smoke weed to make myself happy?? It's okay to take medication to make yourself happy, but not bud? wtf...

  13. i have been diagnosed with depression. it runs in the family. i smoke basiclly everyday, and it totally helps. when i have dry spells, i get really depressed and i'm like,ah, i need to smoke. i refuse to take anti-depression medicaion like my grandmother and my mom.
  14. Yeah weeds a stimulant some how i heard that and was like whaaaa? tru tru so very tru.
  15. there has been yet any drug to cure or help nuerochemical depression... my sisters bf commited suicide last year after dealing with it for 22 some years.. the guy was just dealing with a monster everyday of his life.. he smoked pot.. didnt seem to help.. must only help the kids that think there "depressed"... your buddies problem seems to be that he just views things negatively.. teach him how to look at every situation as a positive one that will better him in the long run.. might be tuff but hey might save someones life.
  16. On erowid weed has 4 classifications, one is depressant.

    Its not the kind of depress like mentally, it means depress like the opposite of stimulate were you have slower coordination and your more calm not like you get all sad from it.

  17. here is a tiny equation for ya that works out great :D

    Bad anxiety + doctor visit = Xanax


    yeah if it was perscrable for depression i'd be inline....weed makes me happy.....:(
  18. I've been diagnosed with depression, and I've also been on a bunch of different medications. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It would be nice if weed would work when the meds didn't. I've never smoked weed before, but my girlfriend does so I'm going to take my first hit with her soon.
  19. I'm sure you're absolutly right here!
  20. I suffer from a little depression, alot of AADD, not to mention a touch of OCD. Pot is my regulator.
    It just fixes my mood right up!!!
    I don't like the thought of medications either, cause i'm not gonna stop smoking pot, and I need to function.

    It's natural medication..... I choose to self medicate...
    ALOT!!! lol

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