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pot during pregnancy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chill out, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. question:
    If you eat pot during pregnancy are the effects the same as toking? and what are the effects of toking during pregnancy?

    I posted this on what would you give up weed for, but no one answered and I really want to know.
  2. well the baby lives off the mothers food aswell as oxygen, so id assume it would still be harmful to the developing fetus or whathaveyou, but im no doctor..?

    id like to here the answer to this one.
  3. apparently it can cause low birth weight babies...

    if u can, cut out smoking or at least cut down...personally i think cigs would do more damage...

    just remember...if youre stoned, so is the baby...
  4. I knew it wasn't exactly good to toke, i'm not pregnant, a friend is ( she hasn't smoked since she found out)

    so are the effects the same when the bud is eaten??
  5. why dont you just tell your friend to talk to her doctor?
  6. ok lol :D
    ! wasn't asking for her, I was just wonderin if anyone knew
  7. i'd think it would be better to quit for 9 mos. than to fuck up the kids life....

    just my .07 cents though
  8. I don't know the effects of either smoking or eating bud during pregnancy, however, the effect of any drug while pregnant typically depends upon the drug's ability to pass through the sack and be absorbed by the embryonic fluid. The fetus will be affected by anything in the embryonic fluid. Given that the fetus is also connected to mom via the umbillical cord, I would guess that because ingested foods travel trough our bodies differently than smoke does in our blood stream, eating pot might have a greater impact on it than smoking it...sorry for the rambling...I don't know it this holds-up in the medical world, but its my experience...

    Bottom line...its best to give it up during preganancy....however, a little wine (1 glass per day) can be good for a pregnant mom during the final trimester...

  9. I agree why risk a high when something as important as a kid is on the line.
  10. Some people will tell you it's ok in moderation, and some people will tell you to quit alltogether.

    Personally, when I was pregnant, I tried as hard as I could to quit completely. It didn't quite work out that way. I ended up cutting back to once or twice every two weeks.

    Now true, I did have a miscarriage, but it was unrelated. My doctor said that my pregnancy was wrong from the beginning and it wasn't anything I did wrong.
  11. neat..i think i just had an epiphany:D

    if i were pregnant, i wouldnt smoke.
  12. If ya care about your kid which if ya dont i think you should rot in hell then just quit its really not that big of a deal...
  13. id say just quit everything, i mean it cant hurt, but if you were to keep smoking the chance at all that the baby could be hurt is still there.... just tell her to quit for a while
  14. Personally, I'd quit. Getting high is fun and all, but when you put your own child's life at risk, that's a whole different story. When my friend was pregnant, she smoked every day, and the baby ended up being a huge fatso.

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