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Discussion in 'General' started by Calsig, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. This new thread is related to a very recent one I posted, but the subject is different.

    I've recently heard that smoking alone a lot can damage social skills. I've smoked pot alone regularly for the past year, and I've noticed definite problems communicating with others lately, and making/keeping friends. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm very worried, I'd hate to think my social problems are related to pot-smoking...

    If it does cause this kind of damage, does abstinence from pot improve the situation? Or is the "damage" permanent?
  2. C'mon, someone answer. Please?
  3. I've always had trouble speaking in public, and I think it got worse from smoking weed...I always forget the names of things...yeah, it sucks, but worth it.

    Plus, I only think it got worse from weed, I really can't tell :p
  4. I smoke by myself about 80% of the time. And I have to say that I have no problem communicating with others. (Sometimes I think they would rather I shut up! LOL). But seriously, I don't think that the smoking of marijuana would damage communication skills.

    Alot of people are naturally shy and some people are naturally more open and talkative. Those are personality traits that have nothing to do with the smoking of weed. They are a part of you and maybe getting high enhances these personality traits a lil more than you were expecting.

    But those are just my opinions. Alot of my friends choose not to smoke alone because they says it makes them more introspective in their trips. But what I have said are just my opinions. If you really feel marijuana is effecting your life, then you may want to slack off or quit for awhile and see if your communication skills improve.

    The best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. JOY!!! Thank you my online Wwww.grasscitiy.com friends!
  6. i smoke more then cheech and chong and im a great public speaker and have tons of friends.
  7. yeah but i mean when you're alone
  8. effects vary from person to person. just because someone posts on here that it doesn't affect them doesn't mean that you are in the clear.
    i would say that as far as communication skills go, it has affected me, but has nothing to do with me making and keeping friends.
    do what you think is best...i have faith in you.
  9. well when i would smoke before i went to a party or a friends where there was alot of people, i would be pretty nervous/paranoid on my way driving there.. but once i walked in, after a minute or so i would be ok..so i think for some people it varies
  10. I think at the very worst, all smoking weed does is make you more introspective. Smoking alone or with a bunch of friends, I think, does'nt really matter or have any consequence to anything. =0P ^_^
  11. cannabis amplifies your personality. if someone is social and outgoing and they smoke up, they will be more social and outgoing.. if someone is introverted, it will make them more introverted.

    if youve 'damaged your social skills' from smoking alone, it probably has more to do with your personality than anything
  12. No, that's not it. It's cuz I smoked so much alone I've "Undeveloped" my stoned social skills - meaning, when I'm stoned around others I get nervous, cuz I'm so used to being stoned alone. It's a matter of habituation. i'm not an antisocial person by nature at all, when im sober i like talking to people.

    it sucks though, cuz i used to smoke with others a lot, and now im kind of losing all my friends, since they're all stoners. If I get high with them, I'm anxious and nervous, but it's pointless to be sober around stoners. Damn!
  13. thats wierd as fuck

    but i think its just in your head man.. i smoke alone TONS, but when i do go blaze with someone i dont have any problems.

    just smoke with people more, and hopefully your stoned social skills will make a recovery
  14. I'm not really concerned with being called a nerd. I'm only worried that smoking pot alone for so long has impaired some of my social skills.

    Yes, it could easily be in my head. But it could just as easily be true - which is likely, considering I get nervous around people when I'm stoned, which never used to happen. That obviously includes the factor of my being alone a lot period.

    I'm gonna sober up for a while to get my head straight. I want this thread to show people smoking pot excessively (especially at a younger age) can have consequences to your self-esteem (among other things) in the long run. It's hard to have life "make sense" when it's constantly experienced in a dream-like state.
  15. I didn't mean that to be an end to the thread, by the way. I think we should keep this going. There's too much pro-pot propaganda that says pot is 100% harmless, as well as too much anti-pot foolery.
  16. go smoke some weed and u will feel better, then shut the hell up!
  17. I am not a very social person. I havent been even before i started to smoke weed.
  18. Hehe, stoners always people who dis their favourite drug. I'm sorry I'm sorry if I offended your precious narcotic, fool.
  19. I like to socialize with people but have had a hard time articulating in spoken word for a long time. I always think ahead of what I'm saying and get all screwed up. I had this problem before I smoked and it hasn't gotten any worse, or at least I haven't noticed it. Of course I don't let smoking get in the way of having a life. Most of the time I smoke by myself b/c my friends here at school don't smoke. When I go home I smoke with people or if my friends are drinking I may do a quick bowl and then drink with them.

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