pot connoisseur here about to get weight loss surgery. will my smoking b effected

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  1. For a long time now ive been considering weight loss surgery. now that im 21 and in college I dont see any other option since I know dieting does not work for me. Im thinking about getting the gastric bypass surgery which from what I understand is shrinking my stomach some how, now other than not being able to eat as much food is this going to effect my cannabis consumption at all? and im not talking about right before and after the surgery because i assume I will have to stop for a short time before and after. Please let me know if anyone has any personal experience with this matter
  2. 1 in 50 people die within a month after that surgery dude. Only use it if it's your last option
  3. You'll still be able to smoke once everything is said and done.

    Please note that gastric bypass just MAKES you diet for the rest of your life, because of the smaller size of your stomach. If you ever go munchie crazy you have a real risk of being right back where you were, or even dead because of a stomach rupture.

    I would suggest you change your lifestyle before you go through something so drastic. Dieting doesn't ever work. Only way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle...and that works for everyone.
  4. You're 21? Man that's a dangerous ass surgery. Excersize and diet work, they don't not work if you eat 3,000 calories then cut that in half AND throw in 90 minutes of excersize a day you're going to lose weight, just a fact...

    I'm sure you'll have to stop, why not just ask the doctor but phrase it about tobacco.
  5. Man, have you considered maybe a tiny bit of lipo?

    What about going to the gym?

    A healthy diet + frequent exercise should help. I am serious. It is really good.
  6. Don't consider me a dick please, but it sounds like you haven't really tried anything but a "diet" diets don't work if you don't exercise. You can't diet and go on a food binge two weeks later after no results. Change TAKES HARD WORK! If you don't got it, you better get it. It's a shame your even considering such a harmful surgery at 21. That's a last option, not a second.
  7. the diets aren't working because you're lazy and weak and aren't sticking to them.

    prove me wrong
  8. is it really that dangerous?! well shit never mind on that. but yeah Ive had several personal trainers and shit. I think there is something internally wrong with me. I was thinking about lipo actually because maybe if all the weight was gone I would get the confidence to work out and jog ever day or something. And Im not gonna lie I know im a lazy man, kind of I mean I work for 10 hours straight 3 days out of the week and Im taking 4 college classes the other days. and when im not doing that im smoking down and watching some movies, play video games or practice the guitar.
  9. You gotta keep exercising everyday dude. It's not gonna be easy, it's gonna suck, you're gonna wanna quit, but you gotta keep it up. It's gonna take time, don't give up.
  10. I agree with most the folks here. Surgery is a dangerous option and should only be used as last resort and only if your weight is life threatning. Excersizing and healthy diet sucks but is the only legit way. Got to make yourself dude. I dont know your whole health past but your 21? your body still has a great metabolisim just got to give it a chance. Cut the calories way back and do cardio everyday. In a month whn you dont feel like its working/helping....keep doing it. Nothing is instant you didnt gain all that weight in a night? no, it probably took years to gain, it will take years to loose. Also, smoking all the time thn playing video games or watching a movie will lead to some nasty munchie sessions. Avoid the shit food and stick with raw natural foods. Good luck, dont give up
  11. FML. damn it all. theres got to be some instant satisfaction of some kind. why would liposuction be bad option. I think that if I was thinner it would be way easier to work out.
  12. The only way to do it is diet and exercise. The only reason why it won't work is if you don't stick with it long enough. Instant gratification is something you should probably learn to grow out of. It's a bad habit.
  13. Yes YOU THINK it would be easier but in reality it won't be because you are a lazy motherfucker, you just admitted it basically. You are looking for an easy way out and I understand, we aren't all dealt the insane metabolism card...especially not me. But that's why you work on it. That's why if you get high with friends and go to McD's you don't order 10 things, get a chicken sandwich if anything...

    But yea you just gotta have self control and work out, I go to college and work 20 hours a week, still work out though.
  14. my mom is currently in the hospital for gastric bypass surgery. she was supposed to be out on the 24th of dec, but they punctured her intestine and she is leaking internally and has had 4 more surgerys to try and correct it in the past month, was supposed to be a 3 day stay and thats it...

    i wouldnt suggest gastric bypass, just work out and be dedicated to trying to lose weight. once u start seeing progress you will be motivated and more determined. i lost 25lbs by not eating for 5 days and have kept it off for almost a year, idk how but hey it worked for me.
  15. Your laziness stems from you, and you only. Only you can fix that.

    I work 50+ hours a week at a very high stress job, am a full time student, help out my family, do charity and humanitarian work, and I STILL have time to work out. Not having time just simply isn't an excuse. 11 minutes of weight training a day is enough to raise your metabolism...even while you're sleeping.

    If you're serious about losing weight, and don't want to give up the really good foods, look into a ketogenic diet. You'll lose weight initially very quickly (with exercise of course) and still get to eat lots of fatty stuff. Very little carbs though. I've been on one practically my whole life because I'm epileptic, and although I've never been fat, a body in ketosis just feels better than a body using glycogen from carbs for energy.

    You can lose weight. Diets aren't working for you because you aren't letting them work for you. It's all about discipline. Go out and walk 30 minutes a day. Reduce your daily food intake by half. Aim to do some weight training (even if it's just curling a gallon jug filled with sand) for AT LEAST 15 minutes every other day. Change isn't going to happen quickly. There is no instant gratification with making your body look better. Nobody puts on muscle overnight, and nobody loses fat overnight.

    And don't go on any starvation diet. It won't work. The weight WILL come back. You need to eat to lose weight (that is you need to eat healthy to lose weight).

    But yes, look up a ketogenic diet, and see if that's something you would like to do...but if you're not going to commit to exercise a ketogenic diet will just make you fatter.
  16. You didn't get overweight overnight, and you're not going to get skinny again overnight. Just as it took a long time for you to gain the weight, it will take a while to lose it as well.

    Diets do not work - life style changes do.

    Instead of eating fast food, try preparing your own means more often. Instead of drinking sodas and sugary drinks - drink water. Instead of not exercising, START! You can exercise 3 days a week, for 20-30 minutes a day, and see noticeable results.

    Surgery is for people who are too lazy to work out and eat right. If you get the surgery, and don't make the appropriate life style changes, you're either going to end up rupturing your stomach, or gaining the weight back... Which will have made the surgery/rehab a waste of your time.

    Quit making excuses, and change how you live your life if you really want to see results. Surgery isn't the easy way out. If you've ever known anyone who's received bypass surgery, you'd know what we're telling you. It is a long, painful process, and you still have to change how you eat... So why not just do that, and exercise, and not risk an extremely dangerous operation?
  17. dont get surgery to fix your weight problem man.... way too risky

    friend of the family did that, and she was in good shape for a while, then she started eating a shitload again and she got real big again. she went back to the doctor to say "i need another surgery" and the doctor said no because he didn't want to be the one to kill her.

    exercise and eating right (blah blah blah you've heard it before) works
  18. I know you might not want to share this with us, but about how overweight would you say you are?

    Maybe give us your height and weight. I mean, if you're 50 pounds heavier than you'd like to be, that's manageable and if you dedicated yourself to it; you could probably lose that weight by the end of the year. But if you're 250 pounds overweight... that's a different story.

    I hate to be blunt; but change your lifestyle, change what you eat, start working out, get off the couch, ease up on the video games... don't look for an easy way out. In short, stop being lazy and start exercising.
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    if you arent ending sessions of intense physical activity in POOLS of sweat your will never lose any weight / become any healthier

    you should be working so hard you sweat out a gallon every time you are active (i'm assuming you are rediculously overweight by the posts. are you at least 250 lbs?)
    you'll sweat out at least five lbs of water salt and oil if you're that large and are seriously exerting yourslef... easily.

    i hate to say it, but it sounds liek you've dug yourself a hole

    its harder to get into shape the further away from shape you've become

    whate exactly is your weight?
    how tall are y ou and what is your reach?

    can you give us a history of your weight?

    are you athleticly inclined/ is there anything physical you like to do?

    to say that you've got something wrong with you that requires surgery is making a serious jump

    i hate to say it but most people who are overweight are there because of lifestyle

    not biology
  20. going to be easier for you to get to the fridge when you have the munchies now.

    and diets work, no reason for them not to. just stick it out. and go to the gym (or exercise in your own home)

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