pot and alcahol

Discussion in 'General' started by zachy, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. just a question... how come pot is illegal when alcahol can fuck u over just as good? i think that if alcahol is legal then so should pot
  2. That's a question that's been asked for YEARS
  3. and years and years
  4. :confused: Man that is a good question. IMO alcohol is so much worse for you. In fact one of my closest friends is having all sorts of serious probs with his liver because of alcohol.
  5. learn to spell alcohol first bud :)

  6. I don't know where to begin with this... instead of saying anything I am going to bed... good God though...
  7. because people are stupid
  8. Let me rephrase this:
    Why are drugs illegal when drugs are legal?

    Drugs are drugs
  9. here's why cannabis is illegal:


    it covers the prohibition of alcohol briefly, but basically alcohol has a long standing tradition that has rivaled cannabis as an inebriant for many centuries. during the early 1900s, cannabis was even considered the poor man's alcohol, because it was easier to acquire and considered by some to be inferior in terms of inebriation because of the prescence of paranoia with the inebriation and the impression that cannabis caused less desirable/pleasurable effects than alcohol.

    Most of my friends prefer alcohol to cannabis because it is considered by them to be less inebriating and also more socially acceptable. The same can be said in the context of cannabis and amphetamines, heroin, or coke. Cannabis is more socially acceptable than these drugs and thusly is less likely to have enthusiasts who are open about their habit/addiciton.

    As presented in the above link, Cannabis is simply illegal due to the commercial, political, and economic interests of various parties and persons involved. In more simple terms, Ganja was prevalent in the wrong place (America) at the wrong time (during the prohibition era). Thusly, it was ousted in favor of alcohol, as alcohol had established itself as a more caucasion, and therefore considered at the time, a superior drug to any other. Tobacco was also prevalent by this time and gained the same sort of status, though it was more widely available to both white and non-white persons alike than alcohol.
  10. Another huge reason is because:

    Cannabis = Hemp

    And hemp is a terrifying substance to paper, fiber, and fuel companies because it's cheaper and better than what they sell. So, like all big companies, they paid lots and lots of money to lobbyists and politicians to demonize marijuana, so that when marijuana was outlawed, so was their competition. Also companies would run "smear campaigns" in the newspaper warning of how bad the 'devil weed' to get the public on their side.

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