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Pot activist Emery infected with MRSA

Discussion in 'General' started by Buttery, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Pot activist Emery infected with MRSA - British Columbia - CBC News

    Imprisoned Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery has three years to go before a possible early release from the U.S. federal prison system, if he can make it that long.

    The B.C. pot advocate is serving five years in jail for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana through his mail-order cannabis seed business, but was recently handed another sentence.
    MRSA infections have become a big problem in recent years in some care homes, hospitals, and prisons in the U.S.CBC
    Emery was recently diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant infection called MRSA, according to his wife, Jodie Emery.

    "He had a boil right above his rear end, and they tested it and that's what came back positive for MRSA," she said.

    MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and is a form of staph bacterium that can cause infections which are extremely difficult to treat with most antibiotics, even those that work on regular staph infections. MRSA has become a big problem in recent years in some care homes, hospitals, and prisons in the U.S.
    Jodie EmeryCBC
    Jodie Emery is now gravely concerned for the future health of her husband.

    "If you have surgery, it's really risky. So from this point, on when Marc comes home and if he ever needs surgery, the chances of infection that could lead to fatal consequences are real," she said.

    One of Emery's former cellmates has since died from post-surgical complications involving an infection.

    "[He] had an amputation of his leg and he just died of complications, so that terrifies me to think that Marc was there at the same time and it could be the same sort of strain."

    I smell conspiracy....
  2. If he dies, then question it. But allot of prisoners get this when being transported.
  3. That is a pretty bad thing to hear, wait and see how it pans out.
  4. ^ but we dont need a crutch right?
  5. The crutch is a lie.
  6. Thud thread made me sad but the comments made me lol
  7. They probably put him in the same cell hoping he would catch it
  8. Well, i mean, it's better than ebola.
  9. That's terrible...prison ain't the place to be.
  10. This is why we need to legalize it at any cost
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    Just something for you guys to chew on-

    More U.S. Deaths From MRSA Than AIDS
    More U.S. Deaths From MRSA Than AIDS

    In 2005, More Than 18,000 Deaths Attributed to MRSA, CDC Reports

    Oct. 16, 2007 -- It appears that more people in the U.S. now die from the mostly hospital-acquired staph infection MRSA than from AIDS, according to a new report from the CDC.
    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) was responsible for an estimated 94,000 life-threatening infections and 18,650 deaths in 2005, CDC researchers report in the Oct. 17 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.

    18,650 deaths in 2005.

    HEMP AS A MEDICAMENT : Methods and results of the bacteriological experiments (full - 1955) :eek:


    It is interesting that staphylococci manifesting various degrees of resistance to one or more antibiotics (erythromycin included) are sensitive to the antibiotics from cannabis in the same degree throughout.

    It didn't matter if the staph germs were anti-biotic resistant or not- the cannabis extract killed them ALL! :hello:

    18,650 deaths in just 2005, and countless more maimed! And they knew in 1955 that cannabis stopped "antibiotic resistant staphylococci"! I wonder what percentage of those MRSA deaths over the years would have been "preventable" with cannabis? Chalk them up as more uncounted deaths from the "War on Drugs"! :(

    Granny :wave:
  12. somebody needs to inform marc emery that cannabis may save him!!!
  13. Chaddd- why not you? You are somebody! You can do a search for his address, or his wife's as well as I can!


  14. She doesn't understand how it works. It's not like his infection is permanent and he'd have to worry about having any kind of surgery for the rest of his life.

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