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Posting up outside dispensaries

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jpezy, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'd like to start off saying I'm new to California (thousand oaks) and moving back to Indiana in 2 weeks. I do not want to leave without trying cali bud. I've only been here 4 months and knew I was going back to Indy and didn't want the hassle of getting a cali license then back to a Indiana license, so needless to say I don't have a medical card. So my question is could I find some flowers by posting up outside a dispensary and just ask everyone who walks in to hook me up? Also could I get in trouble with the law for doing this? Believe me I do not wanna be that guy but its starting to look like my only chance. A little background info, I'm out here being a care provider for a sick friend so I haven't had the time to make friends.
  2. I'm from around the thousand oaks area and live around westlake. I think that's a bad idea. I feel like you would just get a bunch of people that say no and walk right past you.

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  3. You were one of those 16 year olds hanging outside liquor stores trying to get a six pack, weren't you? Don't hang around outside a dispensary and do that. Nothing good will come of it. They will protect their business and make sure you are removed by the law. They have no choice in the matter.
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  4. Haha no I wasn't that kid, not by a long shot. In fact I never had a drink until I could legally purchase it. I think it's a terrible idea. I just really don't want to go back to Indy and get asked how was that cali stuff and be like I have no idea... But thanks for the conformation on how bad a idea it is.
  5. Well unfortunately without knowing anyone directly that's what your looking at facing man, if someone ever asked me to buy them weed standing out front of a dispensary I'd likely tell you to f off and then tell security to get you out of here. Too many narks now a days in an already grey area of legality. You may just be trying to smoke some cali weed but no one knows that for sure and likely could be a set up to get a shop busted...check craigslist maybe or head towards venice beach you won't have an issue finding someone cool around there, be aware there are tons of pretty strange people in that area. I used to live in TO in newbury park, boring uppety rich people, so your not likely to find anyone there. Maybe head to the mall and find some kids there...a lot of people burn up before they head into the movies I noticed.
  6. Thanks for info. I'm staying next to house full of girls who smoke but every time I see them they walk with heads down looking at their feet don't even respond when greeted with a hello. So I've noticed the uppity people in TO. I mean if I can't get any it's not the worst thing that ever could have happened.
  7. If I'm carrying then I certainly don't want to mess with some stranger begging for me to purchase him weed (and me losing my license in the process). Makes no sense for me to purchase and go back in and if I have a couple hundred in cash I sure won't stop for you walking in the first time. You know it's a pain to get a license and if you violate then good Luck ever getting one again.
  8. Keep hammering away at the neighbors then, politely ask if they know where you can get some weed skip the hellos that can come later if they are cool. There is a good chance they'll help you out if you can get their attention.
  9. Check craigslist. You will have a guy bring it to you within the hour.
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  10. Are you serious right now? What do I look up weed/possible murder/ possible undercover cop delivery? Hahaha
  11. Totally serious. Before legalization I bought weed off craigs for years. The thing is, if you're some place where there's a lot of weed, a lot of people are selling it on craigslist. Undercover cops aren't going to waste their time, especially in CA. Why go through all that trouble as it's just a $100 ticket for possession. Weed is decriminalized there, nobody is actively trying to bust you.

    If I saw an ad where someone was selling all kinds of unmentionables and weed, I'd pass. Weird shit happening there. If I lived someplace with no medical marijuana and high penalties, I wouldn't do it. But in CA there are going to be a lot of growers with surplus weed and that's where a lot of it goes.
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  12. 420 kush Marijuana wax weed No rec. Needed text sxsxone3zrosx4sevn9tre
  13. Sure. That ad is for a dispensary. It gives phone #, shop hours and says No Rec.
  14. Regardless of what the law may or may not be, I'd say that is a fucking terrible approach. Since you're in the area, I'd damn near say just find a black market hookup.

  15. sketch artists will have your face down to pin point accuracy. Then the narcos....

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