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Post youth stories here!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by think green, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So I am sure a whole lot of you have been using this wonderful plant we call marijuana waaaaaay before the age of 18. That being said feel free to post stories of what you and your friends did back in the days of your youth, what happened when you caught caught by your parents ( if at all) and what age you started around.

    I will start by saying that I tried it once at age 12 when I walked in on my brother and his friends. But did not start using it quite a bit until I reached 14 I got caught 3 times :( (tip to minors don't EVER think your parents do not know) and if I was caught a 4th, mother said the law would get involved but that never happened. :)

    So feel free to post anything related to you as a youth smoker!
  2. first time i smoked was at the age of 14 near my local skatepark with 2 chicks. i've never got caught and sometimes my parents joke about it but we never talked seriously
  3. I tried it at 12, but didn't start using it daily till 14. Haha I remember my first time getting crossfaded was with my friends going to culver city to mid city (LA) so we all post up at this rooftop and start blazing and drinking beer, and I don't feel a high or buzz yet untill like 30mins later when I stand up, the high Just hit me like crazy! I remember walking home telling my friends "dude if I passed out and this actually a dream but you can hear talking in my sleep, fuck wake me up yo" LOL Agggh I love my youth<3
  4. I live near a lot of wilderness, so me and my friends would ride our bikes deep into the woods and toke up. I first tried weed when I was 11 or 12, and smoked it occasionally since then. I didn't really smoke daily until 14, like the others in this thread. I never got caught by my parents, but I'm sure they knew, my mom was always saying stuff like "Promise me you'll never smoke weed." By the time I was 17, they were fully aware that I smoked, and didn't really do anything about it. I kind of had it easy, my brother was the fuck up, so he blazed the trail for me to, well, blaze. I'm 18 now, leaving for college in 3 days, and I know for a fact they know I still smoke. They don't really care, they just don't want me off getting into trouble. Back in my early days, my friends and I used to smoke this garbage weed, and it wasn't uncommon that we'd smoke out of a pop can, or a pen (that always melted so we'd inhale plastic fumes). Nobody really had a piece unless it was a shitty homemade one that would last a week or one of those cheap metal pipes. When I first started, at least where I live, nothing had names, it was just pot. I used to go home to eat dinner with my parents completely baked. They had to have known lol.
  5. I'm still in my youth but I started around 15. Wasn't smoking often it was just occassionally because my friends were obessed with it, I didn't even want to do it but did it out of peer pressure. Around 16 I started to smoke a bit more often and now that i'm 17 it's a regular thing. All my friends have been caught, but that was out of carelessness. I'm always careful with hiding my shit.
  6. yo ir193ak you arent allowed to be on GC if you arent 18...i'd suggest deleting that post before the age police catch wind, lol.
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    Too late. Reported.

  8. You seem like a nice person.
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    I am, actually. :)
  10. I remember my first time. It was a week after 8th grade ended. Me and my friend decided we wanted to get high. I called a friend of mine who lived in a sketchy apartment complex, and he sold me my first bud. A dime bag. I remember meeting him in the bathroom of a local resteraunt and doing the deal under the stall (paranoid much?). So me and this chick walked really far in the woods neae the local skatepark, and smoked out of an arizona can. I don't think I got very high, but I remember asking "am I in real life?". I didnt start smoking hevily until I was in 9th grade.
  11. 18 can still be considered youth to some, seems like you jumped the gun here mushroom.... :cool:

  12. I reported him too, I just didn't want the whole thread to be derailed by age police shenanigans...woops
  13. I heard there was an underage posting in a thread? The age police have arrived.
  14. Still remember my first time like it wa yesterday <3 it was new years eve and I was at a life long/family friends house and me and him went out to his barn (it's not actually a barn it was when they bought the house but they converted it into like a guest house it's actually pretty nice) and his friend came over and we rode my friends golf cart out to this abandoned area in his neighborhood and smoked a blunt of chronic and rode back to his house and I remember thinking on the way back wow, I don't even feel it... That's weird... But then when we went back to his barn it hit me and I was goneeee and we ended up playing some ping pong, and gamecube lol but I lost complete track of time and though hours had gone by when it was really like 10 minutes and I freaked out and went and told my mom I felt sick and she took me home and I went to my room and listened to my iPod until I fell asleep lol one of the best memories ;) .
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    He said he was 17
  16. Can we quit derailing the thread here?

    Anyway, I first tried weed when I was 12 when I smelled it coming from the attic of my house, curious of what the smell was I went in the attic and saw my brother, his two friends, and a girl up their smoking out of this shitty homemade bong. Come two years later, I was offered to smoke some Sour D out of a water bong at this party, accepted and thus I started smoking basically every other day and I still got a 3.0 in high school and accepted into college :D

    I got caught maybe 4 or 5 times, 3 of those were my parents finding my pieces and 1 was me coming home cross faded and getting caught, the last one was me lighting up in my garage and my step dad came home early from work. lol

    Ah...good times, good times.
  17. Smoked like once during my junior year of HS (16), didn't really get all the hype. Smoked again senior year (16-17), with one of my old elementary school friends, and this is where my weed ventures began. By the time I was 17, not long after I started senior year, I was smoking everyday.


    Senior year was the first time I was searched for smelling like weed, the dumb bitch I had as my teacher walked up to our table SMELLED and coughed.

    Obviously she's never got anyone in trouble for smelling like weed before. This set off alarms, parental alarms, in my head and I started washing my hands to get the blunt smell off as well as fiddling with clay. Her dumbass immediately calls for her teachers assistant, more alarms, and says to go get Tina. "Aww fuck the worst narc on campus" I thought as my teacher surprises my again with a lollipop, WHAT A DUMBASS!

    My eyes lit up when I saw this and I began to chow the blunt smell away from my mouth and applied the lollipop to my blunt fingers, I was ready to be searched. I ditched a swisher wrapper in the office under the bench while this black kid was freestlying/rapping to Tina the Narc, It was fucking hilarity.

    The VP ended up not finding shit and I walk back into my ceramics class *****y eyed and smiling just to see my teacher's dumbass face. She goes "YOUR back??...." with the most dumbfounded look on her face. I reply "Well duh don't waste anymore of my class time, thanks." as I put my stash turtle away and left her class.

    Now, I am starting my 3rd =[ year (19-20) at the local community college majoring in business, minor in computer science. Still smoking nearly everyday though I haven't purchased weed in nearly 2 weeks.
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    The guy wrote he was 17......
  19. i smoked the first time when 17 i believe....didnt really get into any shenanigans while stoned....i always just chill when im high.

    I guess im just old fashioned that way....

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