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Discussion in 'General' started by iSmokeLI, May 25, 2009.

  1. Sup guys, I was just thinkin about how there's no thread for gamers.

    I just got my xbox back after getting the red rings of death, and I realized that not a lot of my old friends still play the same games as me.

    So I decided to make this thread for people who need some chill stoners to play with. :smoke:

    So just post your xbl gamertag, and the games you usually play.

    Mine: SM ExiLe - Halo 3 mostly.

    Feel free to FR me if you'd like.
  2. Aaaaactually dood.......there is a forum for gamers...
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    Oh really? My bad, guess we can end this thread, or move it.
  4. I'm playing COD4 right now


    I also play Halo 3 occasionally but have moved on because COD is so fun.
  5. GanJaGardN

    i play COD W@W mostly, and other games like MLB or Tiger Woods.
  6. ReDeeMeR043 I play halo3, gears of war 2, rainbow six vegas 2.. and will probably beat you at everyone of em :)
  7. Divine Blunts

    I play all the big games. My live's out right now though :devious:.
  8. 1v1 me on halo 3 :)
  9. i had my xbox for 3 years then i got the red rings yesterday. But today i sold my ps3 and bought a new xbox.
    Games= COD:waw, Halo Wars, NBA live 09

    Add me everyone!!
  10. barrac obama 420, someone please challenge me in COD4.
  11. halo 3 mostly, bout to get ufc undisputed ^_^

  12. Gamertag:Rev Love Doll
    I play of CoD:4 and CoD:W@W as well as L4D. Also alot of dawn of war 2 on games for windows live for and of gamers out there
  13. BlueMagic610 or Juelz420 610:smoking:

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