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Post your unpopular musical opinions.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Hagakure, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Radiohead and Nirvana are completely overrated.

    Your turn...
  2. Lil wayne and Soulja boy have no talent whatsoever, rap is dead, and Tool is the best band ever. Period. Also, nirvana revolutionized rock music, and without them rock would also be dead. You can have your opinions but that doesnt mean theyre overrated. No offence :)
  3. ICP and KMK fucking blow and fuck that wigger Haystak while were @ it!!!!
  4. Emo died in 1998.

    Emos =/= emokids

    All music that has come out this millennium sucks unless it's members were rooted in bands that existed in the last millennium.

    Anyone who seriously uses the word "scene" to describe anything other than a part of a movie has nfc what they are talking about.

    If you style your hair you take yourself too seriously.

    Genres are bullshit

    I could go on forever . . . but won't
  5. More MC's should throw down on some Dubstep, or some fuckin MartyParty idk
  6. Bolded is true, the rest is hilariously wrong. "nirvana revolutionized rock music" :rolleyes:. Im a fan of nirvana but all they really did was take a sound and make it mainstream. Look up the pixies, meat puppets etc.

    @ mirvs "All new music is bad" is just blatantly untrue, just because you never bothered to seek it out doesn't mean it isn't out there

  7. They definitely had a lot to do with it, but he commented directly on nirvana, so i replied about nirvana. They did go mainstream and were more popular, which helped change rock because they were heard more. You are right though.
  8. radiohead is my favorite band but I'm just saying that to contest with what OP said.

    I feel like the bros across the street who drink and play corn hole every day wouldn't know a single artist on my ipod. Except maybe blink 182.
  9. jerry garcia made beautiful music.
  10. Aenima and Lateralus are the only good full lengths from Tool.

    90% of rap music is terrible.

    The Wall is overrated as hell (this is coming from a huge Pink Floyd fan fyi).

    Nirvana wasnt that good, but they were instrumental in killing off glam rock, which makes them cool.

    GNR is lame.

    I could go on allll day and piss off just about everyone, ha.
  11. I agree with mirv about rock after 1998. I just do. It's the truth.

    As a musician I can seriously say all of this 'scene' music is a bunch of carbon copy product meant for mass consumption.

    Kids are dumb. Kids buy this shit. So record companies keep churning it out.

    Also. Pretty much every rap artist on mainstream radio, and television. Just trash.

    To borrow a line from Pacewon. (real emcee)

    'what they don't know is the songs they sell are WACK,
    if they hustle I wish they get back to sellin CRACK,
    I wanna pack they CD's up and sell em BACK,
    Yo I payed 12 just give me 7 back,
    I'll even take it back the STORE and get it WRAPPED YO!'
  12. I can't stand Johnny Cash.
  13. As much as I'm against censorship, if I could go back in time and erase Korn from history I would be very tempted. I absolutely loathe the nu-metal trend they created, the way it has dumbed down heavy music so much, and how any metal band that is actually creative and not confined to a bunch of retarded chugging riffs is now instantly dismissed as "outdated, know whuh'm sayin'?". But oh well... if they hadn't existed, I guess something just as stupid would've come along in the music industry, and it would be business as usual anyway.
  14. ICP
  15. Uh, my collection is full of unpopular music, and by unpopular, I mean not well known in the mainstream.

    Just a top five:
    Ozric Tenticals (Seriously, like a strong trip, words fail to describe).
    Brainticket (Some crazy 60's psychedelia)
    Agitation Free
    The Mermen

    Yeah, mostly instrumental tunes, but if that's your thing, check these guys out; they'll for sure melt you away.
  16. All singers I hear today have no soul. Maybe I'm just not aware, but where is the SOUL!? All I hear is mumbly soft whispers, awkward voices, auto tune, or a GREAT singer who is still missing the soul.
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    That's cool but you didn't really contest anything. Do you disagree that Radiohead is over-rated?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BYbmckk9mU&playnext=1&videos=EMO8p8vr-SQ]YouTube - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea cover[/ame]

    I'm not going to bother with the nirvana comments...
  18. lady ga ga is one of the few true musical artists of todays time because of her creative originality [this is coming from a man]
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    U2 Suck big dick. Bono is an asshole media hog who apparently saves all these people yet he lives in some posh penthouse apartment.
    I hate Johnny Cash with a passion.
    Bob Marley has become a symbol of weed and the majority of people don't give a rats ass about his music.
    Nirvana didn't save Rock because rock never died. Kurt Cobain was merely a depressed kid with a guitar he could barley play. His writing was all self obsessed sad sack bull shit. The other two members of the band especially Dave Grohl have at least 3 times the talent of Cobain.
    Ted Nugent needs to shut up and play because his political agenda has been fucking over his music for 15 or 20 years
    Edit: What happened to Black singers. Black Music up until rap was phenomenal. I like a lot of underground rap but I miss awesome singers. ie James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Buddy Guy and many many others
  20. Dave Grohl= sellout and hugely overrated. :p

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