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  1. Ok blades, I know you all have pipes and bongs and such, but I wanna see everything you use during a session, all the little tools that may me unique to your situation, special supplies, storage setups, smoking kits, whatever you've got.
    You can either post up pictures or just explain what you have, maybe what you use it for, why you like it, something you always find handy.

    What I would really like to see are some detailed tool setups.

    Here's what I've got in my little tool box,
    Small wooden bowl
    Stainless steel dental pick tool
    Rubber bong plug
    Tin with extra screens, razor, small items
    A few packs of papers, filter tips for js.
    Tray with hash
    2 Chillums
    Thin spoon
    Glass rod to light bowls

    Post yours.
  2. wow bro I wouldnt know where to begin. I keep it all in an antique wardrobe 3 feet wide about 2 feet deep and taller than me. i'll see about getting a pic up in the next few days.:smoke:
  3. Good Idea for a thread NYC diesel!

    I'll Participate,

    2 bowls (14mm and 18 mm)
    2 Bongs
    1 spoon
    BIC lighter
    Air tight container for bud

    I will post pics this afternoon. For now I'm off to work....:wave:
  4. Great, let's keep it coming! I didn't think anyone would reply. Feel free to get as detailed as you want.
  5. well all my stuff is in a metal office tray organizer thing with all my stuff organized in it like lighters in one thing, blunt wraps/roller/tweezers other stuff in another thing so on and so forth. then I just grind up my bud and set it on top of one of various high times magazines and thats were I pack my bowls.
  6. Basically a wooden box containing these contents:

    Lucky quarter
    Lighters & Matches
    Sneak a Toke
  7. well let me see...

    sprawled out on the desk here ive got some weed and my chillum, which is standing uprite on its bowl...

    and my zig zag cig roller.. some gator clips, a dental pick, and some other metal tool i use, i believe it was from some kind of sewing set...or like knitting set. or something.

    over here ive got some zig zag 1 1/4s.. in the familiar orange package of course.

    and here we have the jar which contained the roller and the papers. still within the jar is another pack of some other papers, a small bottle which used to house travel doses of tylenol but i adopted as a weed bottle, and abouuut 5 small baggies, all of which used to contain screens from vapor bros but are now empty.

    also in the jar is an hbo sports golf tee which i found and sometimes use. and a small pocket knife.

    also on the table is my grinder. just a cheap wooden one. and rt near the grinder is the case which holds my chillum, kinda like a zip up sunglass case, but made for spoons.

    thats all ive got going rt now. across the room lies my strong box which actually doesnt lock anymore bc i lost the key so i had to mangle the lock..but its still a good box.

    ive got about a thousand other little odds and ends in there.....
  8. ......I suppose I'll add some pics to this thread.
    -Mini dresser for my supplies
    -More supplies
    -Tupperwear for ganj
    -A few more things

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  9. wellll lets see...due to my situation still living with parents i have some hiding spots...
    two cell phone boxes which hold:
    sharpstone grinder
    metal dental pick
    eye drops
    2 rx containters, one with about 7 gs of kief if been saving the other with about .5 if qwiso hash i mde yesterday:)
    bag with stems
    a bowl i dont use

    i then have a dresser drawer holding:
    half oz of some mids in a mason jar
    about 5 gs of some no name dank, gdp, and bubblegum in separate jars
    screens for my vape
    my vape whip
    rolling papers

    and my pride and joy, a wooden pedestal i made in woodshop which frm the outside looks just like a pedastal, but has a secret door as one of the sides :claps:
    in the pedestal is:
    my 18" molino bong
    vapor bros hands free vaporizer
    a zune case which holds my incredibowl m420

    and thats my tool setup! ill try to get some pics if i have time wen i get home
  10. this cabinet was empty when I joined this site.:smoking:

  11. Glass pipe
    bong w/ ice pinch
    bong w/ perc and ice pinch
    rolling paper
    1 swisher (when we want to go throwback)
    torch lighter
    some business card(for scraping up the weed)
    2 air tight jars
  12. Mine is a pretty sad collection atm.

    Variety of lighters
    shot glass
    pill bottle
    cheap steamroller
    worked Syn mini showerhead
    and a jar of stems I'm collecting with about an 8ths worth in it

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