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    I was noticing how many people in the city are suckers for their animals.
    Post pictures of your pet or pets.
    Not recent but still it's the most flattering picture i could find of my maltese shitzu, Muffin.
    The joys of having your family pick your dogs name.

    Oh and i'm not choking her, seriously. I love my dog to death.
    I was half adjusting her collar.
    And for some reason the picture wont come up. Haha.
  2. [​IMG]

    One of six, just the most recent/decent shot I have of one of them at the moment.

    Caulker Cay Island dwarf boa, this is my male.

    (Dwarf is a pretty loose term they use on the tree dwelling boas from island locales, he's still about 7 ft but much smaller in girth and size than his mainland ladyfriend)
  3. Wow that is a loose term.

  4. Badass snake! Makes me want more again...
  5. savoya, my english springer

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  6. [​IMG]


    Cocker Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier. :D
  7. Not the best pic but thats my mini wolf! She keeps my house safe from rabbits, cats, chiwawas and neighborhood kids.

  8. [​IMG]
    One of my many animals...
  9. You have a pool motherfucker.
    Why is your cat like near it. there is grass over there.
    Brian is here.
    We are having a lovely time.

  10. Cute as.
  11. my dog coming in from the snow


    my cat lounging around

  12. [​IMG]

    i didnt want to do this...
    but i had to put your pets in their place...

    its all about the birds

  13. this makes me miss my african grey :(.

    theres just something about beautiful women and birds.... GOT DMN!
  14. That's a dog I'm pretty sure, but ahah I thought it was a cat at first too
  15. this is my pup Neko. shes a lab-pit mix.
    and my cat Stubbs. he does absolutely nothing all the time.

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    my baby boy luke. haha.
    my gf's mom bought him from a place and they said he was a pomeranian. but that it was quite obvious he wasnt.
    pics from last summer. He's gotten bigger.


    katie, my american eskimo.
    i had her ever since i was a little kid. haha i grew up with her basically.


    i gota thing for tehh flufff
  17. That thing's cute as shit ^


    Tucker! I was taking him for a walk, and he just said 'I think I'll sit here for a bit chaps'
  18. Nah, thats a dog for sure unless theres a house cat that stands 2 and 1/2+ feet tall and weighs 40 pounds lol. She likes to lay by the pool and cool off after running back and forth and slamming into my fence trying to eat my neighbors cat all day.
  19. uh i've posted quite a few pics of my dog. i'll try to find one i haven't put up yet.

    aaha. found a few. even found a puppy pic

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