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  1. Post a pic of your outdoor spot and give me the reasons why you picked such a spot and the aproximit miles from a road. Ive been wanting to grow out doors for years. Now i have 10supersliver haze seeds as well as 10lowryder#2s 5powerskunks 1fem gigabud and 4 speedqueens.

    please dont tell me to search or just read the info on here because i do. Id just like a few pointers in picking a good spot. There are tons of patches of woods around here. i want to have 5 patches in total (mixed strain grows). Im just trying to avoid "newb mistakes" and grass city has help me with my indoor grow in the past.In fact i chouldnt have done it with out you guys so please i need your help again!
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    This is my spot. About .05 miles from a road. :p

    I chose it because no one will go there. I trust it with a $300 investment.

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  3. Hey Roberthope,

    - Don't rush in digging a spot
    - Have many spots from which to choose only a few. I chose 4 out of a good dozen.
    - Go back and forth using Google earth. Mark your area on your map on GE (parking spot, water source, do the maths to know if watering by foot is possible or too far (the goal is th not use your car to water - dangerous cops). Use bike , wheelbarrow if neccessary.
    - I choose my spots according to the water sources you find.
    - Look for an elevated spot in a thick, homogeneous type of terrain (needle in a hay stack). Don't use slopes that are visible from the opposite hill when you choose. An elevated flat place is good because the only way to see is to go up there, and rippers can't look every where in a big place that all looks the same.
    - exposition: I just make sure my plots don't face North. E,W are fine. If they face South,, make sure they get some shades from trees or bushes (too hot too much work watering, visible in the open).
    - Be lucky.
  4. just the stuff ive bee looking for TY
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    Another crucial point is planning your entry into your spot. In the day, find the backdoor entry (or most discrete passage) to your spot. Don't cross a field of tall grass or wreck any closeby bushes for example. With this entry memorized, you can bring in the soil and tools at night with peace of mind.

    what i CAN tell you is...its in the woods.
  7. I can tell you this, dont try to grow that Super silver haze outdoors in canada. It takes way to long to finish and they will freeze to death before they are done.

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