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Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. As the title says.

    Next time you get a "like" in your post check to see how many total you have. To check your rep points go to your "User CP" and it should be right there a bit down and to the right.

    Try to play honest GC :hello::smoke: :D

    As of this post-
    Likes Recieved: 632 Likes

    Reputation Points: 2950 point(s) total
  2. I need more cool points anyway..

    rep. - 17807
    likes - 3799
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    I'm not really popular so I can't compete.

    8920 rep points.

    The ratio is not toooo bad though.
  4. rep 634

    feel silly posting these things :D

  5. If you want to consider a ratio, check out the #of Post compaired to likes & rep. My rep and post #'s are pretty much on par.

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Rep - 54

    19 likes haha
  8. dont take my word for it tho. Idk how many points you get per rep and if people with higher reps add more points to it. But my likes - post #'s isnt as good lmao. Likes havnt been around for a long time tho...

  9. I mean, just looking at the numbers at face value, I think your statement was valid. Impressive.
  10. i said i just got some cripple OG its sticky as fuck and someone liked it...i want more likes and comments people get at me lol
  11. not sure about likes, im on my phone.

    just got rep and checked it

    1920 rep points(most of which were from my picture with Dr. Paul in the "Ron Paul Appreciation Thread), sweeet!

  12. do you look like your signature
  13. Likes Received 833
    Rep Points 1559 point(s) total

    E-penis is at maximum erection.

  14. My signature is of "The Game" a rapper from Compton, CA. No I am not black. So no I do not look like my Signature.

    If you meant my Avy, Depends. I am white, got brown hair and do wear hoodies.

    Whats this got to do with anything topic related?? This could of been handled in a PM.
  15. Rep-4671

  16. Likes received: 8125

    Rep points: 25609 point(s) total
  17. You deserved them :)

    Many didn't know you were a girl and still got them reeeps

  18. woah. it was just a question.

  19. You're wonderful as fuck <3 miss you.
  20. rep-23

    About even :D
    But im still laaaaaaaammeee :eek: lol

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