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    Most car enthusiasts sites have/had a section where people can tell their adventures through the night. And seeing how we have a healthy amount of enthusiasts here I figured this would be cool to post. These stories are usually more than just "oh i beat this and that" and when read, these stories (if written properly) can really exhilarate the mind. Post your adventures up. Oh and if shit sounds fishy then we can always call bs.

    I'll start:

    It's Monday night around 11:30 P.M. and I just finished filling my mazdaspeed3 with 100 octane from a local gas station that sells race fuel from a pump. Shit rang up to about 50 dollars for half a tank. I start my car and cruise around to look for some kills. I see what looks like a 2004'ish mustang with HIDs in the rear-view. Being as how I rock GT's on pump gas, I wanted to see how I would do with race fuel. So then the chase starts.

    We start weaving in and out through a three lane boulevard and he eventually gets in the freeway entrance lane. Me not having anything else to do, I quickly bust a right on to the ramp and chase him. I'm on his tail and I realize his rear bumper is lacking a couple letters where "MUSTANG" is usually imprinted. I blink to clear my eyes, and to my surprise, it turns out to say "COBRA."

    Now I really don't know how else to differentiate cobras from GT's, nor do I really care, so I change lanes and line up with him. I see this white male smile at me. It wasn't a friendly one; more like, "WTF do you think your doing?" I see him flash 4 and 0 (meaning 40 mph start) and before I know it I hear his V8 rumble as he downshifts. I get into my sweet spot in 3rd gear and brake boost. Three honks and it's a go.

    40. 60. 80. We were neck and neck. Never has my car felt so power before. I shift to 4th and I glimpse to my right and I notice I'm up by half a fender and I'm slowly pulling. With each shift at 6000k I gain another foot. By the time we hit 120 I'm about a car and a half a head and I let off not wanting to miss my exit.

    As I exit i notice the 'stang right behind me on my tail and we end up at a red light alone with no one in site. I rev to 3000 and turn off stability control. Light turns green and we both spinning tires in first from a dig. I hear his V8 rumble right next to my boosted 4banger. It seemed like we shifted each time literally less then a second apart. We're doing 80 on the road and by the time I get in fourth, I see that i gained about a fender on him. We let off at 100 and both end up at another light about 3 blocks down from the start.

    Still twitching from the adrenaline rush, I look to my left and I see the cobra owner signal me to roll my window. He yells, "That's a quick little rocket you got there." Still surprised at the results, I stutter, "Yea great race!" (What else do you say when you're an underdog and you won?) Light turns green, we flash our deuces and we part ways.

    Spark Notes: Roll race from 40-120 MS3vs 2004(ish) Cobra: MS3 with a car and a half
    From a dig MS3 vs 2004(ish) Cobra: MS3 with a fender at 100mph

    My specs

    2009 Mazdaspeed3 GT
    Injen Cold Air Intake, HKS Ssqv, Turbo XS manual boost controller + MAP clamp
    boosted at 19psi

    P.S. First time i've typed this much while being high.
  2. Nice kill. I'm impressed with Speed3s. I don't have any really cool kill stories. I put a V6 Camaro in it's place once with my 3.1L Cavalier. Now with the 3400 I kill Mustangs and pretty much any other N/A fwd car at the drag strip. Nothing too impressive. I'm working on it.
  3. i've seen some pretty fast cavs here in LA. a real sleeper those things are. cmon guys keep em coming!
  4. ive killed numerous cars in the mountains and in various corners. ill name a few.

    Some Suzuki thing.
    2 240sx's
    Honda accord
    Toyota Corolla Ae86
    Countless Mustangs
    Countless Civics.
  5. Man that sounds awesome, but there is no way that was an 04 Cobra. The Terminator would have won if it was one.
  6. whats he got on his car? i up'd my boost an extra 4 psi from stock.i just put out a saleen today. it was the lowest class of the three tiers of saleen mustangs.

  7. If it was a 99-02 it would have looked similar but not been supercharged. 03/04 is what you have to worry about. The front bumper gives those away though.


  8. pretty nice cars@
  9. killed some cars in my day,in a 93 tt rx7,and my 84 built 383 trans am.I used to do lots of street racing so ive done tons of runs but ill name some more impressive.

    Rx7 kills=
    sti 380hp
    evo 9 mr boltons
    turbo integra low boost 360hp
    bmw m3
    so much more...

    But my biggest kills were in my trans am..

    Trans am=
    porsche carrera gt...yes i really raced one on pch in socal(where i live) rollin from about 10mph
    ferrari 430 scuderia both roll and dig =)
    ultima gtr digs
    bigblock nova from roll
    800hp supra from dig of course
    500hp turbo civic from a dig
    kb blown 03 cobra 600hp
    i tried to run one of the few buguattis ive seen but traffic crushed my dreams lol
    and cant remember shit to well right now,ill add if i remember more later

  10. Damn, can we get some engine specs on your old cars? Sounds like you put a hell of alot of work in em.
  11. thats some hard shit.

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