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Discussion in 'General' started by i Donk, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Trying to find some good online news sources that arn't just preaching the same stuff as CNN/FOX etc.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated :smoke:
  2. lol, i left myself open for that, any legit info would be appreciated though.
  4. Aljazeera is much better than CNN/Fox but I would still consider that pretty mainstream. I'm looking for the underground news sources.
  5. Probably BBC, they tend to present information in a more unbiased way than a lot of mainstream "news" sources. If you have firefox you can have that 'Latest Headlines' button, it's pretty good.

    Speaking of good, you might be interested in, they have a lot of interesting articles, some even specifically for stoners.
    GOOD Home Page - GOOD

  6. yeah BBC is alright, but i'm looking for almost "fringe" internet news sources who arn't afraid to report anything. BBC is much better than CNN/FOX but I still feel like there's some filtering going on there. I'm just sick of the mainstream news sources who refuse to report stories because it goes against what their owners want to report.

    Just really looking for a source that will report whats really going on in the world

  7. this looks promising, although i've just started browsing it. Thanks for the link.
  8. Well do you mean by fringe, conspiracy theory basically? Like new world order, federal reserve, the government owns the world type of news media? If so, well, can't help you too much just gonna have to google that.

    But if you like foreignpolicy, more lengthy articles on world events from the eyes of experts and people who actually live and have worked in their area of expertise, rather then pundits who have never done anything outside journalism, then check out more NGO's (nongovernmental organizations) like think tanks, and non-profits. The economist and foreign affairs are nice too, as well as more traditional like NYTimes and Washington post for a more overall look at the day thing.

    I like Project Syndicate a lot right now Project Syndicate - the highest quality op-ed ( opinion-editorial ) articles and commentaries

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