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Post Ya Stash!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. This is what i got right now, some mids and a dime blunt :) Picked up a 30 of mids today, thats about 7 grams left, 6.8 grams on the scale, yea, its good, one bowl got me high...

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  2. nice smoke it up man peace
  3. i grabbed an 1/8 today,heres whats left of it. about a gram

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  4. ...

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  5. thats some really good looking bud.. i miss the dank stuff, i havent gotten nothing but mids for months now...
  6. nicenice... by the way luda how much did that cost you?
  7. $25 for the 1/8
  8. :( I wish we got prices like that. Best I got was $35 a slice for some mids. The top bud is usually $45 a slice.
  9. I bought a 4th last friday for 55$ of this, and now im down to 5.8g.

    Heres a pic of the bud!

    Gonna roll a j this weekend and hang out with friends, 3day weekends are the best!

  10. Forgot the pic, haha, been a bit hazey today...

    So here it is!

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  11. i have about half a gram in the bag, one real small roach, one decent sized roach, and a big long 4" party joint. i'm still waiting for a good opportunity to smoke the long one.

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  12. le4ch: looks like nice bud. enjoy that. Im enjoying mine as we speak :D
  13. thanks man, it's very good. I'm going to light up a bowl in a hour and then listen to techno and get a good ngith sleep.

    Then tomarrow im meeting up with a friend and were matching a j each! :D

    Fun times!
  14. Damn I wish I could get a quarter of anything close to that for $55
    I just paid $20 for 1.5 of some white ass bud.
  15. it was sort of a deal my dealer made with me. I normally have to pay 70 for a quarter of that.


  16. go jelly bellies haha
  17. le4ch, just another example of the quailty of the evergreens states bud ..and how caring its dealers are too :)

    sorry i aint got shit to post ..im about to blaze my last bowl. happy toking
  18. all i got left, ounce comin monday!!!

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  19. let me think, i got 2 lighters, 2 home made pipes, home made bong, some tools, and thats all i can think of, getting 1/8 monday,

  20. ok, heres what i got, i just realized u cant edit the post to attach files....

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