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Post what you have right now

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by straitsb, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. well?

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  2. wuts the white stuff?coke? peace
  3. well this is what it was like before it ended up in my joints.......Peace out.......Sid

    some blueberry

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  4. It's probably crack.. lol
  5. xanax foo. nice plant [​IMG]
  6. my stash

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  7. Here is what i had last week .. I have no bud right now :( Will be getting a 1/4th for myself soon though :)


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  8. wtf... xanax... what the fuck does xanax do?
  9. So what do YOU use it for do you have panic disorder problems?
  10. here is a pic of mine

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  11. some bizomb i just picked up

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  12. This is the stuff ive got right now, its some strong skunk which is probably the best ive ever smoked :)

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  13. wtf why don't you just smoke bud then lol
  14. le4ch, love ur glass piece = ], may i ask how much it cost ya?
  15. great deal :D
  16. differenter stuff than my first stuff way more stinky and danky

    its the chokey bomb

    fo sugady

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  17. le4ch, i think what hippie john meant was does xanax do anything for people who don't need it?.......he didn't know you suffered from panic attacks and was curious as to what effects it has..........Peace out........Sid
  18. i'm not the one who takes it, i think you got me confuses with the thread starter :) hehe

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