post-smoking sleepyness

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  1. i was reading its not the THC unless its heavy Indica that makes you tired after smoking. its the carbon monoxide and benzene. Does that mean if i smoked a sativa from a vape it "shouldnt" make me tired afterwards?
  2. Indicas are just a heavier high, that brings you down a bit more. if you smoke a pure sativa it shouldnt really bring you down.
  3. im talking about after smoking.. how it makes you tired.

  4. if it was that, you would get the same sleepy effect regardless. but hes right, indica is just a heavy high.
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    Indica strains have a larger CBD content then sativas, the CBD is what makes you sleepy. The chemical is in the weed, only way you can escape drowsyness is smoking sativa strains. Many people including me have felt even sleepier after vaping than smoking, not saying it isn't awesome though

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