Post pics of your babies :)

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    Hey I just want to start a post of people's plants whilst they are young so others can use it as a bit of a reference to see how they are going, I'll be uploading a few photos of mine around 5 days old tonight but let's see what you all have :)
  2. Here are my babies

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  3. If there's any way you can get them into separate containers before their roots are intertwined you'll be better off . they're going to be competing against each other. Are they at least feminized? You'll run into a big problem if they stay in the same pot and 1 ends up a boy and the other a girl. Its never a good idea to grow them together if at all possible, even if feminized or clones off a female.
  4. Hey these are just bagseed, I was hoping to keep them together until they got a bit older then just keep the better of the 2 but I might look into it sooner if it's best
  5. If there's problems with 1 or 1 turns out to be a male you loose both. Take care of it now. Their roots grow like crazy. They may not be twisted now but in a day or so you might have a problem. Bag seed or not its still time, resources, money, and effort flushed down the toilet. Plus they will compete and their might end up being a more dominant one that ruins the others chances of making it
  6. Day 5 blue cheese auto dinafem pic 1

    Day 27 ghs Kalashnikova pic 2

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  7. Thanks I'll sort it out today :)
    Kingrow what lighting are you using? They look great
  8. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414359097.350992.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414359111.418774.jpg

    7 Days Old From Seeds Small 1 Chemdog Big 1 Purple Kush

  9. money maker about 16 days old in 100%coir btw!

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  10. Only 150w hps for veg, 400 for flowering.
  11. I ran 3 plants per 10 gallon tub and 2 out of one tub was a pain to remove the other two slipped out. With them that young and in the same net pot it won't end well to many of the beginning roots will be tangled and during seperation you will break to many of the main roots and probably lose them both as previously stated. I would separate them asap just to be safe.
  12. So I've separated the 2 I had in the net pot, I think I got lucky as the one I removed roots were almost perfectly straight so weren't tangled. I'll have to make another bubble bucket but for now I just put it in soil, when I'm ready will it be fine to wash the roots with water then put into the bb again? Or will it have to stay in soil now?
  13. Loving it mal! Looks like we are around the same stage haha
  14. Good call man better sooner than later. The first initial roots become the main roots after that you get the root branching roots off roots etc.. Gets really messy.You are totally fine to move to soil then back just be carefull with the ph levels between the water and soil that's your biggest shock risk as long as your careful I'd say.
  15. Thanks heaps batman, yeah I'd rather deal with it now rather than possibly losing both later on. I had a look at your thread, it's looking great man
  16. That light looks so cool haha, how long did you veg for? Sorry for all the questions everyone just trying to soak in as much as I can :)
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    Here are my little iced grapefruit babies, 11 days old today :) :
  18. They are looking great cannachick, what lighting/medium are you using atm? If you haven't you'll have to start a journal for sure!
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    don't be sorry to ask questions, that's what we all do, study, learn and ask, the 3 fundamentals of any good grower. Never stop learning.

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