Post pics of ur pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Pickle McSmurf, Oct 23, 2014.

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  2. Only one I have on this phone damn :(

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  3. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414072803.574456.jpg he was too turnt lol

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  4. I only have picture of these two, but we have four cats a snake and a rabbit.
  5. I've got a bunch of pets, 4 dogs, a cat, squirrel, too many for one post without spamming the thread but I can toss out my two newest dogs. Both rescues, a 5 month old Pit Bull mix who was about 4 months old in the pic and a year and a half old American Bulldog, about a year old in the pic, both recovered from a kennel where they had been abandoned but about a year apart. Puppy is the newest one.
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    ready for Halloween <3 she messed up her hair. but still.
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    He was high as fuck in this picture. Cat nip got him trippin

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  8. We eat people together.

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    ->I smoke weed<-
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  11. I ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414113524.973284.jpg
    Only picture i have in this phone

  12. My favorite bitch. 18 months old this month.

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    I want a German Shepard soooo badly or actually any dog really...

    Heres my dog
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159390.646701.jpg

    My two fish
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159415.696324.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159429.596726.jpg
    Friends dogs ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159463.866361.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159484.918067.jpg

    And last but certainly not least my first dog RIP
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414159540.539469.jpg
  15. My lovely babies Bean the kitty and Marceline the rat queen ^.^ <3 ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414174660.231393.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414174695.216395.jpg

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  16. Rats belong in traps preferably ones that kill them stone dead.

    Despise them . Give me the fucking fear!

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