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post pic of colorchangingglass please.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relieF, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. hey guys, i've never seen a colorchanging glass really darkened to the point where the insides are all black.. i'd like to see one though. anybody got a pic? before and after pics would be great if you have any. thanks.
  2. I bought my second glass piece a few days ago, and it's starting to get there, gimmie a few more days and i'll show you a glass piece thats black on the inside :)
  3. great! thanks.
  4. Hey relief...Couldn't let this thread die :) i was looking at my bowl earlier today and the blackness has overtaken the bowl area and is working it's way through the chamber...It actually looks pretty cool, since i've never let a glass bowl get dirty. I'm use to cleaning them after EVERY session. sounds obsessive, but i thought cleaning the bowl was't tell if im rambling or not...kinda stoned at the moment. after smoking a blunt with a couple friends (one of which works at a pizza place and was closing up the store gave me and another friend a large pizza and a full order of breadsticks complete with all the pop we wanted...munchie heaven.
  5. aaahh, its dying again..

    hey man, dirty that piece up. i really want to see the effects of the gold/silver powder. i'd do it myself, but i can't find weed at the moment.

    so, after you darken you piece, i guess you'll maybe want to reconsider cleaning your piece up every session. how does the smoke taste like?
  6. It hasn't really affected the taste that much. I keep the bowl clean after every session but the chamber is definatly dark enough to see the gold and silver and bright green colors that have come out. MY battery for my digi camera is charging as we speak so i'll have a few pics up soon..:)
  7. i still haven't found weed yet... i'm thinking of cheating and getting some black ink =]
  8. I guess if you want to see what it looks like roll a piece of black paper in there. I've got the pics on my camera but dont know how well they turned out until i get them on my computer. I'm trying to find that damn wire to connect the camera to my computer. I'll get it up here one way or another. I know i will not clean te chamber for a while..It just looks too cool. The bowl part is cleaned every session though, so the weed still tastes good :)
  9. i was joking =]
    and its not like i was gonna put ink in it then show it to all my friends, just myself. but i'm not doing it because i'm sure it messes up the taste and whatnot.

    hey KB_124, thanks man.
  10. Damn i wish i had a camera...My spoon is coming along quite nicely. Its actually my first ccg so i didnt know what to expect but it looks great.
  11. Cool thing about those color changing pipes.....

    If you clean the inside out with alcohol it will restore the original color.

    At least mine does.

    Then it's time to color it all over again. They are cool.

  12. Yeah, I've had spoons before but always kept it looking brand new. But with my new one i just wipe out the bowl so it's clean and call it good. I dont think the resin in the chamber affects the taste as much as having the bowl caked in resin would taste. Does that make sense? I've been smoking ever since i got out of work...tough
    Oh well, time to pack another bowl :)
  13. heres mine after quite a bit of use.....

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  14. same piece, after i soaked it in alcohol for 3 days

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  15. i found this from stony creek glass. also g.c. has a few really nice pieces offered to us members only.

    Attached Files:

  16. fillibuster is clear..but there is some sort of tropical mountain molded into the bottom of after getting all resinated, it looks like a volcano, and when you light the bowl, it looks like a big flaming bolder coming out.
  17. ooooooh... aaaaaaah... fantastic vibrant colors, thanks for the post.

    that volcano thing sounds cool...

    i think my small sherlock is going to look like a bowl floating above something that looks like the grinch's cupped hand with his long fingers.

    of course i'm totally exaggerating.

    thanks again for the post.
  18. cool pipe swan. it really changes alot. i like all the faces
  19. yah man, very nice. how much did you pay for the peice? any of 'em.

  20. hey swan you got a name for that first pipe i mean it just looks os cool

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