Post Hardcore Fans, Anyone?

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  1. I don't even know how to define music anymore (the genres are all over the place), but I'll stick with Post Hardcore / Emo Violence for this thread. Just curious if anyone at GC was into it. For those who may not be clear on what I mean, here are a few bands:

    Orchid, Saetia, Hot Cross, Mass Movement of Moth, Tunes For Bears To Dance To, Malady, Envy, City of Caterpillar, Amanda Woodward, A Day in Black and White, Black Castle, Off Minor, Aussitot Mort, Raein, Phoenix Bodies, Funeral Diner, Gospel, Ampere, Portraits of Past, (Early) Engine Down, Etc.

    Essentially, any band you will find in the distro section of Level-Plane records ( Also, any Magic Bullet Records fans around here? Meneguar is killin' it with their stuff. It's so infectious ...
  2. You are my new best friend on this forum. haha. My aim name/nickname on a lot of sites was inspired from the city of caterpillar song "fucking hero." I have albums by all the bands you listed except for mass movement of moth and aussitot mort. I haven't listened to either of those. I haven't been listening to the skramz much lately though. listening to a lot of post rock/instrumental stuff... explosions in the sky, mogwai, tristeza, god speed you black emperor, the album leaf, sigur ros, a silver mt. zion, etc. been more in a chillaxin mood i guess. :]
  3. Oh don't worry ... if there were ever two genres that blend together to create spectrum it is the post hardcore - instrumental/post rock. I jam every band you mentioned, plus I also use other bands like Broadway Project, The One AM Radio, Portishead, etc. to supplement what I am listening to. But yeah, "Fucking Hero" is a great track ... I love that record; I can't count the number of times I have jammed their S/T and Demo + Other Recordings records, countless! Haha.
  4. never heard of any of those.
  5. That would be because you have no taste in music, 420 kid. :]

    dart, yeah I know a lot of them mix post-rock in. for example... et tu brute is pretty big on that. have you heard them? i'm still really into raein. can never get enough haha. i've seen hot cross before and tunes for bears is from my state. here i'll list some of my favorites of that kind of genre for you to check out that you may or may not have heard:

    The Kyds Vs Columbus
    Life Is A Fight
    Dot Flash Line
    She Notes The Chariots
    Yaphet Kotto
    Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine
    Alison Ranger
    Kill Sadie
    Funeral Diner
    The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul
    Circle Takes The Square (obviously you've heard of them, everyone has now. I don't shy away from them, because of their popularity though. still amazing.)
    Wow, Owls!
    The Death of Anna Karina
    Edict of Milan
    Eyes of Verotika

    yeah, I could go on, but I should stop now. haha.

    but yeah, into all kinds of other music as well.
  6. I actually have heard of all of them except two or three I think. I've seen those elusive bastards in Yaphet Kotto a few times; definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. You have a great collection of material you jam. I am guessing your have the Kyds split with Off Minor. Wish I had to cash to grab it, but I don't have my album player at college. Oh well! Raein, Funeral Diner, and Envy have been some of the recent guys I have have repeat, good good tunes. Yeah, Tunes For Bears is awesome. My friend Greg over at Appliance Records is releasing their split with El Minotaur. Definitely check that out if you have the cash, he is a good dude and is puttin' out some quality shit. He just dropped an Eyeson / Colin Kramer 7" which is awesome.

    Also check out Fighter Hayabusa if you get a chance. Eyes of Verotika? Noice! I love their split with Ricky Fitts, but I love Ricky Fitts in general alot (haha). Shit, time for class. Peace.
  7. The Number Twelve Looks Like You and HORSE the band are probably the most intense show's I've been to completely sober.
  8. I kinda like some post hardcore bands i think, if you consider L.A.O. and Every Time I Die post hardcore but idk, genres are stupid. But im more into bands like Through The Eyes of The Dead and more metalcore hardcorish type music i guess.
  9. Yeah I hear both of you (the last two posts). HORSE is one fun band to watch, not to mention ... I mean, if you are a nintendo fan, you get it! Also, for the Through The Eyes Of The Dead, have you checked out their split with The Knife Trade? I thought it was pretty killer. I definitely dig on both genres, and I highly recommend checkin' out Beloved and Saved By Grace to get the more melodic element in there. I love metal, but some of it can't grasp the melody (save for amazing grind bands ... the new Phobia has basically slaughtered my ears with delight).
  10. good stuff more on the noise/grind/tech metal/weird side =

    Agoraphoric Nosebleed
    An Albatross
    Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus
    Discordance Axis
    Ed Gein
    The End
    The Great Redneck Hope
    Into The Moat
    Ion Dissonance
    The Locust
    Melt Banana
    The #12
    Radiation 4
    The Red Rocket Fiasco
    The Sawtooth Grin
    The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
    Tower of Rome
    Twodeadsluts, Onegoodfuck
    Uphill Battle

    this is all stuff in my "Seizures Are Kinda Sexy..." music folder. Haha. I name my folders creatively ;P
  11. All of them are pretty good choices. Though I am not really more into the tech metal scene (though I do love grind), I see alot of potential for Ed Gein (their demo is killer), Into The Moat (haven't heard much lately), and An Albatross (who kill it every damn time). I definitely dig on Radiation 4 and most of the other bands, but not as much. If you really want to get into a good tech metal / free jazz outfit that just broke up, check out The James Dean Trio "Getting Scary". I can't ever put that record away ...
  12. these bands, are these the bands that are trendy, screaming/puberty squeak style? i kno a kid who listens to that shit, not to found of it.
  13. uhh no. this stuff is pretty brutal. if it super brutal stuff anyones after, check out
    job for a cowboy
    in flames(the new stuff!!)
    the black dahlia murder
    the acacia strain
    sixth gate
    the agony scene
    strapping young lad etc.

    oh and +rep for this thread. finally somewhere where i can voice my metalness!! LOL :smoking: :metal:
  14. definatly for the 90s John Frusciante of the RHCP. He's like no other, and i dont mean b/c of his guitar playing (which is still excellent) but b/c of himself being the one of the most anti-rockstar rockstars, shy, humble, not all big and bad and thinkin hes a badass or anything thing like 90% of the musicians out there
  15. Anyone who drops a Job For A Cowboy plug deserves my respect. That band fuckin' SHREDS! In Flames older stuff is more of my thing, but much respect to some of the most talented metal musicians out there. Converge is a gimme, they can't fuck up. The Black Dahlia Murder is one of my favorite bands of all time even though their singer is a complete douche bag (love the guitarists). Nile, again, classic ... simply classic. As for the rest, I am not too huge of a fan. The Agony Scene was HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE lasst time I saw them (Haste the Day killed it though). The Acacia Strain is goin' to be the next "cock suckin" scene band, but let's hope not. All the rest, I am down. Glad to see a Townsen fan on the boards as well. He is a killer producer man ... I'm surprised no one has plugged Misery Signals yet! Come on ... the band is fuckin' amazing! Some of the shit they pull off makes my hands feel useless; can't wait for the new record and new vocalist.
  16. now ur getting more into my shit

    the acacia strain
    in flames
    strapping young lad

    ive seen all three of them. good shows

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