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  1. yooooo...
    germination complete (cotyledons)...
    what do i do now?
  2. yooo... put them under some lights and let them get a couple sets of leaves. Water ever other day.
  3. Water only when needed. DO NOT overwater.
  4. ^^Reposted for accuracy. Overwatering is hell, water when you can stick your finger an inch into the soil and not feel moisture.
  5. should my pot have drainage holes at the bottom? and, since it's in my room, what should i put under them to prevent leakage on my carpet?
  6. YES

    come on man. you can't use your imagination? For starters, you can go to Home Depot or whatever and buy a plant saucer. But seriously, a plate? Another pot? The lid to a plastic box? anything.

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