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posssible drug test 5/17. can i smoke today?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mal11, May 14, 2011.

  1. I have an job interview at tillys on the 17th. I want to smoke today, but i want this job. Can I still smoke and not get caught? What can I do to get the weed out of my system before the interview? I live in phoenix Arizona if that helps.
  2. you can smoke. but u would never get it out of ur system fast enough
  3. are you fucking retarded?
    and your location is a lie
  4. ya it's only 3 days... i would personally just wait, go to the interview and go from there... you'll pass the test, have a job, and still have some to smoke!
  5. If you need this job I wouldn't risk it. Why risk not getting a job because you want to get high for a couple hours. But if you do decide to smoke you can always get some fake piss or someone else's CLEAN piss to pass the drug test because I doubt they will watch you piss for an interview. If you don't use someone else's piss you can exercise a lot, drink a good amount of water, and drink a lot of water before the piss test to flush your system. If you decide to flush you should take a creatine supplement (because your creatine levels will be low to do to excess water intake) a few days before the test, which is today, then take a vitamin b supplement a few hours before the test to make your piss yellow.

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