Possibly transplant shock. Help!

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  1. Hey everyone. This is my first post, just wondering if this is transplant shock. This is my first legit grow with a tent etc. running a 600w HPS for light. I noticed my plant was getting nitrogen toxicity yesterday due to the soil I was using plus my feeding cycle. So I spent the $ and bought a bag of pro terra high drainage mix and transplanted my plants. This is it this morning. What do you guys think?

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  2. this is the soil I transplanted into

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  3. Thats not soil. Its peat moss.
  4. The growing medium I used. Sorry. Do you have any input on the plant or just my wording?
  5. Just making sure you know what your growing in. Plant probably just needs some time to recover. Weed is hard to kill. That clone is so small i wouldnt really be trying to treat any specific nutrient issues. I would have just backed off on the feeding.
  6. The small one I stopped feeding and transplanted. The soil I was using was too hot so I purchased a proper growing medium for them. That’s also an autoflower from seed, I had it under non adequate lighting for the first bit until I bit the bullet and upgraded to a proper tent and lighting Wich is why it stretched so much. I have backed off on the feeding till it recovers.
  7. If thats an auto, start over. Its already sexually mature and will begin flowering any day. I wouldnt worry to much about soil being "to hot". Nutrients get used up, plants adjust. Also, the more light you have, the more nutrients the plant uses. So when you had shit light, the plant had to much nutrient for the amount of light it was getting. Now that you have a proper light, the plant needs proper feeding. Growing weed is like growing corn, its a high demand crop, nothing like growing a houseplant in a window.
  8. yeah I won’t sit here and pretend I’m some pro. This is my first grow pretty much ever. That autoflower is only 4 weeks old so I could still possibly save it, it just won’t produce much. I have one already budding. And the soil was definitely an issue I used just general potting soil. It was miracle gro with the slow releasing fertilizers in it. It was killing my budding plant as too much nitrogen when flowering. I know now not to use miracle gro after reading up on it, after I already planted lol
  9. just the one post is fine, so is a pic of the plant in normal lighting so we can advise
    hang a temp gauge at top most leaf level and adjust the hps to give 27c/77f after 10mins
    raise and lower to suit(about 14 - 16inches???) for the best DLI
    ensure the plant is in a min of 10 litres(2.5 usg)
    from now on cut hot soil with 30% perlite or clean river sand to dilute the nutes

    good luck
  10. Hey! Thanks for the response. So I do have a temp gauge and my tent is sitting steady at 26c 16” above leaf canopy. As for the medium it’s new with no added nutes. Just a peat moss/perlite and dolomite blend. I have a cyco platinum series food kit for feeding, and they are in 3 gallon pots right now
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