Possibly the greatest G Blunt rolled (Dank , No 56k)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by neff, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So I picked up a Wine game and a Vanilla for my friend that was sellin me some dank. So I buy them roll over, and he weighs out his stuff in the car telling me he got fucked over. Kid gave 300 and the guy gave him only 50 bucks, a e pill(wtf???!) and a ..half.. of bomb weed. Turns out it was only weighed to 10.4. So he got fucked over but i managed to get 2 g of this bomb weed for 45. Not too bad, no other weed at time anyways and wanted to help him out a bit.

    So I rolled a AMAZING g blunt, lasted over 20 minutes and it was harsh as shit, first four hits i was coughin like a bitch!

    Sorry about not having a high quality pic of the blunt, I didnt think of it and I smoked it when i thought of it haha.

    here it is.



  2. Love me a blunt. Yum.
  3. dankkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  4. wholly shit thats a small as blunt man

  5. hense the title G BLUNT, cant you read ?
  6. Does G blunt = game blunt?
  7. It means a gram, and 45 for two grams? Thats crazy where I am I get anything for 20G. But nice blunt, I have my dealer role it for me. He cant smoke and he just rolls real nice blunts.

  8. one gram blunt

  9. Well if you didn't see, I said my guy got ripped off so he isn't gonna sell some danks for ljust $20 after he got such a raw-ass deal. I helped him out if anything. I usually never pay over 20g.
  10. I know you wanted to help him out buy payin over 20 a g is pretty absurd. I'm sure 20 a g woulda still helped him out.

  11. Not really, he isn't a big dealer , and my guy was out so he is all I had left, he was going to sellf or $25 a g, so I did get 5 off :p
  12. Extra $5 for a friend, who cares. :p That said we pay $10 a gram here, $15 would be considered really steep because nobody buys in grams! $60 for a quarter is for the really dank shit, $50 a quarter for mids.
  13. Nice blunt man, frosty ass nugs

    Why would you even bother posting that? In no way is this constructive to anything, nor is it 'a small ass blunt'. Very few tokers use over 1.5 for their daily blunt. I'm sure the reply will be that you use at least an eighth for every blunt, so if that's the case, greeaaaat.

    I dont think the extra $5 would kill you. That's mad funny that he rolls 'em but doesnt smoke 'em though. Is he on probation or something?
  14. wow, fuck all you guys saying he got fucked over

    +rep for helping out your friend that just got screwed over.

    have a heart people, :smoke:

    plus that's some dank ass fucking weed! i'm smoking a 1g blunt right now too, actually!

  15. actually all, just chilll haha helping ppl out isnt somthing bad. try it
  16. You're all a bunch of jews.

    He helped his bud, and smoked some bud. Be easy.
  17. yup, that shit looks dank as hell.
    happy tokin:smoking:
  18. mmmm dank looks like sour deisel to me

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