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Discussion in 'General' started by I MarriedJuanna, Aug 9, 2008.

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    I may be getting probation and i was wondering if I get drug tested or not before probation or w/e, Im pretty positive you get tested during probation but what about just starting probation. B/c i went to a party last night and another one tonight and had to pass up weed a lot ):,,,, Probation if i get it will be for non drug related stuff.
  2. yes, you will be
  3. it all depends.
    if you were arrested on drug related charges then more than likely you will..

    if you were arrest on something else you probably won't since theres no reason but you know how the cops and p.os and shit try to hate too hard
  4. dang, i guess i can only drink ):,,, I havnt smoked for months b/c of this bs ):
  5. if it's not drug related then they'll prolly just give you random testing like they did for me. but still be careful

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