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  1. how do u train a plant to grow different ways and such? would it be possible to make a plant grow sideways? cuz i got a hole in my bedroom floor that's been there for a long time and my parents wouldnt suspect it....its like a cut out of the hardwood floor and the peices that was cut out is still ontop so it looks just like the floor, if u can grow it completely sideways maybe i can grow in there....its like 1 foot deep so i can't grow it straight up but if i could do it i can get it to grow sideways and put a light and shit down there... i dont no its just an idea if i cant do that ill just grow it in my bush or near my pond..(got a huge pond with trees and hills and shit and a 10 acre bush) ALso the hole is right under my computer desk so to hook up the light i can drill a hole behind my computer and feed the wires through there so its hidden... the problem i would have is probably getting the plant out since the hole is probably 1 foot by 1/2 foot... how big are lights also? would it fit into the hole
  2. Probably not.
  3. well the light and all would make it grow towards it, but I think its natural motion, along with natural forces, is to gorw vertical
  4. i've read of people growing sideways in a growbook a while ago. i'll try to find the section when i get home and i'll repost then.
  5. i dont think i can do it the hole isnt big enough to fit lights or take the plant out when its harvest time... dont worry about finding that section ill stick to something else

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