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Possible to take a Hookah on the plane?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lxebud*_*, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Nargila, Sisha, Hookah or whatever people call it

    Recently I purchased one in Australia and planing on taking it with me to New Zealand since they are hard to get there, I always thought I would not have a problem because its a "traditional pipe" and I have a receipt that i bought it in a shop and didnt get it from some dodgy place ;) Problem is that today my friend told me that on his way from Israel to New Zealand his Nargila got seized at Auckland airport because "you can smoke canibis out of it" pretty dumb because its possible to smoke canibis out of anything... however he didnt have an Issues at Tel Aviv and Hong Kong Airports on his way back to New Zealand.

    What should I do?:(
  2. Id say take it on if it wasnt used (still in box etc), if they say anything just say u smoke flavoured tobacco out of it, thats what they are mainly used for
  3. Yes, I have a pack of Flavoured tobaco to take with me aswell and obviously i didnt use it yet:)
  4. how does that stuff taste anyway?
  5. i like it...a little sweet but the smoke is pleasing
  6. Yeah dude is it used? If not be like what dude... i just bought it as an antique to take home....
  7. I was looking at the possibility of taking all the parts and spreading them around my laggage / hand bag / pockets where ever i can squeeze stuff in :p

    Hopefully that would work.

    There is also a possibility of posting it by airmail prior to me ariving in the country? is this a good idea? or mail gets xrayed as badly aswel?

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  8. real nice i hope u can get it through, should be no problem its for tobacco mainly anyways, jesus hoast
  9. Why don't you just ship it to yourself.
  10. I've snuck a 2-foot glass bong through airport security before, so, yes, it can be done. But it's risky.
  11. Not as carry on but put in your check in and you should be fine.
  12. I bought a large one and brought it on board with the apple tobacco. It was not a problem since it was still new and had no residue. If worse comes to worse, don't tell them it's part of your religion! (joke) That's for the U.S. people. I bought mine several years ago before Sept. 11th. I was prepared to say it was for my religion to smoke (being American Indian) but I don't know about that now. I recently flew from South Dakota to Los Angeles with a traditional peace pipe and it was fine. They busted the 11 year old girl behind me though for bringing scissors on board so she could croche'....

    Life is a traffic jam and I'm stuck..

  13. I think I will just ship it to myself tomorrow, Ill take it apart and ship in 2 or 3 boxes so should be fine :)
    too bad its extra $ which I would rather spend on filler ;)

    Thanks for replies anyhow, Havent read GC forums for around a year :) good to see the place is still going :) :)

    I should add that photo to my gallery which I have not updated for ages :)

    Keep on tokin everyone :hello:

    PS: Nice collection you got there Bobbert

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