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Possible to get marijuana out of your system in less than 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Xeonex, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. I have a really high metabolism, i'm about 5'8.

    I havn't smoked in about a month, before that I did almost nearly every day then I went to about 2 times a weeks, till now where I havn't touched it.

    I really want to, but I have a new job and they do random drug tests. If I smoke a blunt 1.5g's, I should be clear in 2 weeks if I don't touch it again right?
  2. Unless your a fatty thats a piece of cake.

    Ive passed drug tests after smoking 2 days before the test, but I prepared and did lots of cardio every day.

    Just drink water till your pissing every ten minutes, take b vitamins to make your piss yellow, and DO NOT EXERCISE THE DAY OF THE TEST, that will release the stored thc into your blood stream.
  3. i read information of this one website that gave the most sensible information on how to pass a drug test on short notice (you can exercise and all that since you have more time)


    basically the only thing that really works

    because thc is released at the same rate constantly into your urine. you wake up, pee very contaminated urine. drink water a lot throughout the day, and your peeing faster than a lot of thc can be released into your urine. so your just peeing a lot of low-thc urine

    hope that helped

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