Possible to gain muscle without any equipment?

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  1. All I have at home are two 10lb dumbbells and an exercise ball. I usually do "declining" pushups with my feet propped up on the ball. Other than that, I can do situps and ab workouts. Problem is, I can't really exercise my back very easily.

    So my question is, is it possible to get ripped without any equipment? i.e. only pushups and situps?
  2. being "ripped"

    requires a diet cardio and alot of gym equipment unfortunately.

    but if you have a regiment of floor exercises then it is possible.

    there are alot more then pushups and situps.

    cardio plays a big part aswell.

    but mostly its diet.

    find p90x.

    they have great no weight/no equipment workouts.

    but to answer your question, you cant get "ripped"

    but you can get some decent tonage.

  3. I always hear about P90x, what is it exactly? Isn't it like a Richard Simmons esque workout video?
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  5. fill milk jugs up with water to use as weights.

    theres a lot of things you can do, put your mind to it. think about it theres tons of people in prison that get huge with no equipment.

  6. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Push ups do your chest, sit ups do abs, and I can do shoulders with the dumbells. But its hard to work your back without machines though.
  7. I got a copy for free from a torrent, included nutrition guides and all sorts of extras.
  8. You don't necceraily need gym equipment to gain muscle or get ripped. All you need is: resistance band & pull up bar(anything to pull up to) and you could get decent results. Don't forget about the classic pushup.
  9. Na man, if you eat right and do body weight exercises, you can get pretty jacked. Do pushups, pullups, chinups, dips, situps, and planks. When you can do more than 10 reps on any, tie some chains around your waist and do some more. Ideally, you would get to the gym and start do some proper lifts, but these will certainly build you muscle.
  10. I have p90x. The first few weeks you are so, so sore. I excersize and do a little working out often, but p90x knocked me on my ass. I believe I got it off of ebay for about 40 dollars or so.
  11. All you really need is some heavier dumbbells. All I do is pushups, squat presses, curls, and flys, and I've gotten pretty muscular.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by you wanting to "get ripped" and at the same time you want to gain muscle... I take it to mean that you're going for a really lean, low body fat kind of look? What are your goals exactly?

    You can gain a very tiny bit of strength + size with body weight exercises + those dumbbells, but you will plateau very quickly and your body will easily get used to just the resistance of your body and a total of 20 pounds of weight. If you're trying to put on size, you're going to need heavier weights or a gym because 20 pounds of weight is pretty much nothing.

    sit ups and pushups are cool and all but you're leaving out entire muscle groups... if you absolutely can't afford the gym or a barbell + weights, make sure you at least do bodyweight squats.. you can't leave out large muscle groups from your exercise routine, that's not a good idea.
  13. I would think he means gaining muscle. With only push ups, and 10 lb dumbells, you will only tone your muscles.
  14. Look up weight free workouts

    By getting ripped, do you mean adding lean muscle mass? 6 pack?

    You can get pretty creative- Van Damme push ups using chairs, tricep dips w/ a chair, getting a pull up bar would help so you can do chin ups, pull ups, etc.

    Push ups are great because it's like bench pressing your entire weight, most ab exercises don't need equipment (you said you had a ball that could help)
  15. I always hear about P90x, what is it exactly? Isn't it like a Richard Simmons esque workout video?

  16. Let me google that for you :p

    But, yes, it's one of those workout videos that is a 90 day program that promises to get you ripped. It works if you stick with it.
  17. try and get a chinup bar... I made one in my basement with two by fours and a pipe from home depot. You can work you back out with that

  18. I use a tree in my backyard for that ;)

    Do some burpess, they are brutal when you get fast with them.
  19. dont even bother wasting your time working out like that. if your not dedicated enough to find a way to work out at a gym than your not ready to get big.

    and dont tell me you have no money, because where there is a will there is a way. and if you want it bad enough you'll find a way

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