Possible problems?

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    *Sorry I realized this might not be the most appropriate forum, if it isn't, can a GM move it for me? Thanks.

    I'm wondering what might cause problems like these to happen.
    (Yellow and droopy)
    I haven't used nutes and I'm using organic soil.
    Under cfls about 3 inches away.
    Temp reads 78-85 at the base.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Sorry to bump so soon, but the problem has drastically worsened over night.

    The yellow spots look dryer, I'm considering it might be the soil rather than nitrogen like I originally thought, I have no idea really.. I also don't have a ph meter and no where to buy in the area.

    I just recently transplanted and since then the problem has worsened. It is 13 days old today.

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