Possible nitrogen toxicity

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by thehazzle, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Been getting the claw and some dark leaves. Was using coco a and b in coco and perlite and switched after 4 weeks. Switched two weeks ago to GH Bloom and been using calmag all the way.

    Shall I flush or just feed pH water?

  2. it does look like a bit of N toxicity,,,but the shading on the leaves looks a bit like a bit of pH in balance ,,,mac,
  3. The run off is quite low like 5.7 in to 4.5 out. Should I feed at 6.5-7 or flush?
  4. to tell ya the truth mate ive never pHd my water ,,,but in looking through pictures of plants with different symptoms i saw a picture that looked like the leaves on your plant and it said it could be to do with pH....i think your pH could be a bit low so i would higher it ,,,but some one here as got to come along and i bet they will know for sure ,but if i were you i'd look through the forums here at GC and look for grows using the medium like you grow in ,,,,,either that or try a site called ''grow weed easy''' ,,,mac...
  5. are you overwatering,? that could cause the leaf droop at the end of the leaf..

    i think u are seeing too much.. your plant actually look good to me,

    i like to dry my plants out every so often.. make them real thirsty. that way when you do water them.. it goes straight to the top.

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