Possible N deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by prettywheelchai, May 11, 2010.

  1. Did some reading and picture comparison, and I believe I have a N deficiency on my hands. Was wondering if someone out there would be able to confirm...plan to go buy some fertilizer and feed the plant later today.

    specs: 25 day old Utopia Haze from seed. 600 watt MH, 3.5 feet away. water Ph=6.8, soil Ph=6.5, runoff is about 6.6-6.7. Soil has compost and manure, perlite, vermiculite. Have given nothing but water, and some occasional superthrive for the past 3 weeks. Plant is starting to turn lime green/yellowish, losing color from the veins looks like, moving from bottom to top...yet whole plant is affected. Bottom leaves are yellowed up and couple look like they may fall off and die.

    Also, I plan to flower by end of the week...should I just buy flowering fertilizer (something with a big P value, 10-30-10 for example?)? I don't have much money and don't wanna buy a 25-10-10 if Im moving to flower soon. ideas? Also..how long would a N deficiency take to recoup? I wanted to take some clones and then flower...but Im nervous the lack of N will make cloning harder, and the stress would hermie the plant...?

    Any hints would be appreciated, thanks for looking.

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  2. I agree, she's hungry for N. A bit droopy too, possibly over watered? :)

    I would get the veg and flowering nutes, sorry, I know that isn't what you want to hear but that girl needs some N to cope with the stretching she's gonna do in 12/12 imo.
  3. yeah, hungry indeed. I will go grab some ferts today.

    also, if anything she is underwatered at the moment. Today is day number 3 since the last watering, and it was 2-3 days before that since the last time. soil is dry...but few inches down (at least as of last night) was still moistish (not very moist, but not crumbly dry). I am hoping some nutes will perk her back up...probably will need to water tonight, so nutes will be in the mix. Thanks for the look.

  4. I think Free got this one dialed in... What she said! :D

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