Possible idea for a new strain?

Discussion in 'General' started by FenixInferno, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Yo, I know it's been a while since I've last ben here posting updates about how my plant is going ( it was stolen, btw ) anyways, I've since put that behind me and I'm going to go to Oaksterdam, Michigan next year to attend! :D Lately, I've been pondering around my little hippy mind, reading up on different indicas and sativas and discovering these new and gorgeous strains and I've come up with quite a few in my mind that could possibly be cross-breeded with each other to develope something awesome. One of my ideas that I had recently thought about is Haze Marijuana cross breeding the original jamacian haze strain with Hawaiian Marijuana . Now, I noticed that the Haze is a sativa and the hawaiian strain is pure indica. So the possibilities of working it between to create a whole new strain with a hybrid mix, most likely giving sativa the more dominate to avoid things such as munchies or couch-lock.... Anyways, that's just one of my ideas. What do you guys think on the idea on just this one mix?
  2. Highwaiian haze?
  3. black midget?
  4. Oaksterdam, Michigan???
  5. If I was to name the strain of Jamacian Haze with Hawaiian Kush I'd have to name is Tropic Thunder. Rofl. No connection to the movie. xD
  6. Oaksterdam has a college in Washtenaw, Michigan. In the city of Ann Harbor. Check it out at their site. Oaksterdam University <- Win. I'll be attending next year.
  7. Oh nice, I didn't know they had a "branch" out here, I only know there was in Oakland or whatever from this Marijuana Inc documentary, but grats! Might have to visit that campus soon ;).
  8. Oh yeah, I'm sure it'll be awesome. We got our own little california here on the east side of the states. Haha.
  9. You can't give a name till you try it....
  10. Yeah, I know. These are just possible strains I've observed and read about and thought maybe the idea of cross-breeding them would be interesting. I'll be an actual GROWER evantually here in the future, no doubt whatsoever. I'll have the information and education I need to do it right too. That was just an example of the kinds of crazy strains my mind is boiling up. :p
  11. A couple other cool ideas I've thought about is a possible cross-breed between Purple Marijuana Strains which is a pure sativa and infamous strain... With Silver Haze Marijuana which is dominately sativa but hybrid partially with an indica from another unkown strain originally breeded with Purple Haze. The things these two could produce would be beautiful, imo. Imagine the look of Purple Haze, but with the purple buds, it's covered in THC crystals, looking almost like maybe a purple, shiny White Widow. Another idea is to TRY (Note: try) to perhaps cross-breed the pure indica Northern Lights Marijuana Strains with a hybrid (indica dominate) White Widow Marijuana Strains and White Widow Marijuana Seeds the strongest weed in the world to see something totally unique. But...these are just ideas. :p

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