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possible historic winter storm... mid-atlantic and northeast, watch out...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. they're saying this storm has the potential to go down in the history books. they're saying anywhere between 1.5 and 2' of snow is possible from DC to south eastern PA. the mid atlantic will get the brunt of it during sunday while us in PA will be getting the worst of it monday (we'll already have 6" fresh snow from sunday, plus the 5" or so that's remaining from friday). if we get 2' between sunday and monday we'll have almost 30" of snow on the ground total.

    i hate the fuckin' snow!

  2. welcome to the club!

    I really hope we don't get that much snow...I don't need my brother and sister staying home from school any more than they already do. Do you think it will be that bad as far west as Lancaster?
  3. Thats alot of snow Cottons..

    We have had solid rain for the last two days. This must be the same weather that you are going to get..

    The last I heard we have had 6+ inches of rain. You'll be snowed in for a while!!!
  4. it has been snowing here in illinois all day, alomst non-stop. so i figured as long as it is here i may as well enjoy it(never having much i rather like snow), i went for a walk in the woods and found a frozen waterfall that you can crawl behind and be completly sheltered from the elements. needless to say i sat and smoked a bowl in the little ice cave filled with inricate icicles. i wish i had a camera, it is a neat place.

    wow, two feet of snow, i would like to see that sometime, especially if it is good packing snow. i would make an igloo to smoke in, that would be the shit.
  5. west lancaster? that's kinda near wilkes barre right? i haven't been watching much on it so i don't know what it's gonna be doin up there... maybe a foot (give or take) monday i think... i don't like watching the weather channel because they don't like saying how much is gonna fall if it's over 24 hours away... they're saying the worst is going to be between DC and SE PA (philly, and just around it). so ya'll probably won't get as much as us... but the whole NE is going to get dumped on pretty bad.

    Martinsburg, WV is going to get burried (i lived there when i was 14)... school there closes if they get 2" of snow or heavy rain (lots of hills and stuff)... everyone down there is probably preparing for the end of the world, LOL... they'll have 18" by saturday night... wish i could see the looks on their faces.

    yup BH, it's the same system that brought you guys all that rain... i'd rather us get 6" of rain than 2' of snow any day. it'd melt away all the crap we already have on the ground.

    bud stuffer, that sounds really cool. i wish we had stuff like that around here. suburbia sucks!... i didn't really start hating the snow until the storm we got in january of 96. we got 30.6" of snow in a day and a half. most snow we've ever got in a single storm... got us outta school for 4 days though :D... that winter was brutal, it was our snowiest winter on record... and yours truely got to shovel all of it. so no more snow for me :p
  6. nah, Lancaster county is right next to Chester county

    only about 90 mins from're in Philly right?
  7. hmmm... lol, you might be in for it then (i need to study up on my geography, LOL)... depends how far west you are... this one looks like it's going to go like //// <= that from the mid atlantic upwards... you'll probably get a foot or more by the time it's all over with though.
  8. ick...that means plenty of shovelling for the brother and sister are kinda lazy in that department
  9. got 8 inches today and will get another foot by tomorow night, ick
  10. minus 2 :D

  11. hmm sorry to hear about the snow. i live in cali so i dont get to see snow unless i drive up to the mountains. but the weather here is mostly sunny and they say we are gonna have GREAT weather for the next 20 years. the kind of good weather that made cali famous in the 50-60's when everyone wanted to come for the sun and hollywood.
  12. looks like the snow has picked up again here, it is really billowing. a very dry snow so it drifts up against things, we are supposed to get 6-9" by the end of it but i don't know how i would be able to tell as there is bare ground in places and foot and a half drifts in others

    cottons- ouch man, shoveling all that snow. when there is that much your not supposed to shovel you just wait it out, who wants to be driving in that(i guess your parents).
  13. you gotta shovel your driveways and sidewalks or people can sue if they get hurt... it's an insurance liability... plus my parents still had work, lol.

    i also had to shovel my elderly neighbors' sidewalk and driveway, but i didn't really mind. i was 12 at the time and the snow was up to my waiste! LOL. took me like 2 and a half hours just to do my driveway... my back never hurt so much! LMAO.
  14. I remember that day after the 50 ppl on my street all came outside and helped everyone shovel...I built tunnels under the street for my cats to cross under...I remember my cat Putt-Putt (RIP) meowed at me and I could see her breath. She had icicles coming off of her was so funny! And my Maine Coon (Tiggs) hates the snow, but he's a Maine Coon...I don't get it..he's supposed to love the snow
  15. bud stuffer that place sounds so cool i wanna go
  16. It has been snowing since is now 11am...and the weather channel said it's gonna continue until after midnight....sigh...maybe 2 ft of snow here in PA. I hate shovelling :(
  17. man i would hate to asociate snow with work, it has always meant lots of fun and no work/school to me.

    sucks for all you blades that have to shovel two feet of snow though.

    weedeater-well come on then, there is enough room for two to sit behind that waterfall and smoke a bowl.
  18. i love snow! but we always get it rotten up here, just a bunch of gooey slush, nothin worth eating thats for sure ;)

    last year we didnt get snow till like march 20, which was very wierd...

  19. that sounds so cooll!! i wish i had a place like that here. it's cold here and we can get lots of snow, not the last few years, but that would be just the perfect place to have a few puffs.

  20. sweet man ill be there. here in south carolina it is just freezing rain but it s more dangerous than snow in my opinion

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