possible high temp issue?

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  1. Anyone got any ideas? I fed last night and this morning i noticed some yellowish / white spots showing up on the older leaves, they are kind of har to see in the camera, but i get some pics, thought maybe it was due to high ph or high temps 85 d. . Checked run off ph-6.? but not sure what the rock wool is. the runoff was higher than prefeed solution, so i flushed with straight 5.? tap water this morning hoping to bring the ph down some in the rockwool, just dont want this female to have any probs. this is my biggest one, and doing some bending to get more time and yield. I want to flush again tonight after it drains somewhat, and got to do something to get the temps down. Think i wil duct some cold air directly to the plants maybe that will help. Want to fix before it gets worse. Am i on the right track?
    Flood and drain
    49% h


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  2. Yo chief! Ladies look good bro!

    After reading a few of your threads on this grow - here's what I got for ya:

    1- Perpetual grows, such as what you are kinda striving for, ARE THE SHIT! There is nothing better than knowing every 7 days you get to harvest a new plant...or every 14 days, depending on space and wattage.

    Now trying to do this in E&F is virtually impossible (at least it was yrs ago when I tried it) because I wasn't able to raise up the younger plants to meet the canopy height of the almost ready one.

    SO....I switched to recirc DWC. Now, when vegging I keep the clones in little 1gallon buckets with CFLs until they're ready for flowering.... then I move them into flower and simply put the 1gallon bucket ON TOP of one of the other recirc 5gallon buckets...and if the new plant is still too short, I just stack up books underneath it until it reaches the same height as the others.... Slowly removing the books it will meet the same height as the others, then I just drop it into the 5gal bucket and off it goes!

    2 - Since you are using hydro do NOT flush your rockwool with pH 5 water if the plant is already in it!!! You are supposed to soak your RW in 5.5 water for a day prior to using the cube...once the plant is in it, you'll just hurt the plant by doing this.

    Your pH is going to be controlled by your rez. If the pH in your rez is 5.8 and following a fill/drain cycle it suddenly jumps up to 6.8....you've got some major issues. If it goes up to 6.0, who cares...not enough jump up to worry.

    3 - As far as the spotting on older leaves - this is a sign that your lady is feeding off her older leaves to get nutrients your rez isnt feeding her. This is either an EC or pH issue, most likely pH based on what you've said.

    Whew! Ok, I need a blunt after all that...hahahah

    Bottom line - your ladies are lookin good! Keep doin what you're doin but dont "over-do-it" aka: Killing them with love. Just let nature work it's magic!
  3. klutter could you not c the spots on the plant, they showed up over night. thank you thoughfor the vote of confidence, just really paranoid about losing my first lady! lol!:wave:
  4. i thought i would chime in for this one, it looks like you room may have high humidity along with the increased temps? the fan leaves are WIDE!

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