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  1. our exponential expansion will either kill us because of our thoughtlessness to Momma Earth, or our technology will beat our death and we will bloom into extra-dimensional gods, traveling through time and space at infinite scales. Once we can manipulate time to our advantage, no longer will man have to wait for progress, the graph of evolution will have an undefined slope, reaching infinity within an infinity small unit of time. We may evolve to the next level of consciousness, as the apes did to the humans, soon the humans will evolve to the.... homo chonoligious?? hahha
    Do you Agree, how do you think the human race will evolve? And yes much of this was inspired by the famous Terrence Mckenna, the master philosopher  :smoking:  :metal: 

  2. I'm less optimistic.
    In my view, human race will wipe itself out before it can reach any other evolutionary step. Take into account the fact that it took apes millions of years to evolve into humans. Humans only caused so much destruction in the past few thousand years.
  3. I don't think time travel will ever be possible in the physical plain. If you drop a steel object and weigh it right after, it'll weigh slightly less than before, because atoms propelled faster than the speed of light disappear. Our human bodies will never be able to handle time manipulation, or we'd have seen physical evidence of it today. On the note of where we're going, my guess is that we're headed toward more aesthetically pleasing design and simple convention rather than technological advancement (consider apple), and a wider range of spiritual/scientific consciousness. I think humans will understand the power of mind and positive thought, which will change the world drastically
  4. I agree, if we cant even show a little more responsibility and respect for the environment I'd be more optimistic, when the problem truly arises I hope humans will be able to respond.....
  5. I would be much more optimistic if large amounts of people weren't for still killing each other in the name of their God, battling for resources. and dealing with the unchanging conquering egos of world 'leaders'. ...The unchanging human nature, for that matter. If we could solve the problems of needing food, sleep, and shelter..we could have a better chance though. 
    I think some country will go on nuclear rage and that's all she wrote for human existence as we know it. No more lattes, iPhones, and fried chicken. I love to think about the next levels of evolution though-hope we make it. Technology is surpassing evolution at this point...and that spells trouble.
  6. We will ascend.
  7. I think we'll eventually hit the point where we can't raise our carrying capacity any longer and a mass die out will occur. Massive war will be waged for the remaining resources. Then when our population drops low enough we will be forced once again into a subsistence lifestyle.

    Rinse and repeat.

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  9. Our vibrational frequencies are rising, we are becoming more loving.  Love is infinite and when love rises, negativity is washed away.  There will come a day when negativity no longer encumbers earth we will attain true world peace, singularity, and ascend into the next dimension.
  10. there will be a great war which will cause the few surviving humans to live like the native Americans in nomadic tribes for a few centuries.
    Then eventually villiages would arise ,as would cities and empires but with the vast amounts of pre-war knowledge that would survive we would reach a Renaissance like period without having to go through a middle age like peroid. Of course this renaissance peroid would be like the time peroid we currently live in but with out as much pollution,disease,poverty,etc. because we will have accese to information we can avoid the mistakes we have made in the past and we could start clean industrial processes. Should the car be re-invented it would most likley run on solar as would most things and we would avoid getting hooked to fossile fuels. Eventually the world would be united under one government and we would advance to a space faring society. A few centuries latter we would discover intelligent civilizations in our galaxy,after that i cant even fathom the complex political ties between different alien species. Maybe its a peaceful universe where all creatures live in Utopian conditions,maybe its very violent and forever in a state of war. Maybe humans will be annihilate,maybe we would be accepted and become active members in the universal community,or maybe we will conquer everything and become masters of the universe
    so the time line would go
    great war,tribal period,agricultural period,Renaissance period,United world period,space faring period,masters of the universe (maybe)
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlbnFoasZDY&list=PLNK_isA40yp2CR-6WDHrIPRIP5lDQYJs_&feature=share&index=9
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    as lovely as the concept is, i don't quite agree with the possibility of erasing negativity because nothing can be defined without the "other" so negativity defines positive events and positive events in turn define negativity (and so they are one thing), i agree that the logical conclusion is ascension, or maybe the opposite is true (and what i believe will happen) and a return to the origin is the inevitable end of this cycle, as some understand the universe is infinite and will never cease, the only conclusion is that it will infinitely expand and grow more and more wonders or it will eventually return to one mass (God) i don't really mind if the earth kills us or dies itself, all as it should be, all is nature, and there could not be one without another, so we are the earth, and if we destroy it, or it destroys us, it's what the earth (or the universe for that matter) wanted anyway, there is no such thing as an individual for you could not exist without the universe. our minds are not real, and when we die they will be lost from us. the truth is deeper than the layers we create to separate ourselves from one another, the truth is that there is technically no "other" only different parts of the one. i will always try to continue to learn the perspectives of others and not shun them, and i also happen to agree that we should try to create a more harmonious environment, but i could never predict what will happen and don't care to, and decide daily i must accept all things. i am curious about these vibrations, i think it would be an amazing thing to take part in the ascension you always talk about, and maybe this is the ultimate goal, to be achieved by some race or another, or all. also, we still must speak in  terms of separation like "you" or "i" for the sake of language, but i would like to see our communication evolve so that we don't have to do this anymore, i wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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