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Possible For Me To Get A Mmj Card In Oregon?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MrGoatington, Jun 16, 2013.

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    So I've been doing some reading about mmj cards in Oregon and obtaining them as it would be a wonderful thing to have a card and not have to worry about all the things that come with not having a card.
    I have a small list of some not suuuper serious, but existing chronic pain that would be how I go about getting a card. I know it's more difficult to get a card in Oregon than in California, but it's possible with a little medical history, so I've read.
    I get headaches way more often than someone probably should. I seem to be really prone to them as if I shake my head, like to head bang or something, it hurts my head. I get headaches randomly, probably 3-4 times a week or so but sometimes more, sometimes less. It seems to happen somewhat less than it used to, possibly from smoking. 
    I also have knee issues in both of my knees. I've never had surgery of any kind, but I have been to the doctor (probably 3-4 years ago) for my knees, and they still hurt in certain circumstances. For example, I can't sit in the back seat of a car for very long or my knees will start to hurt really bad. I have that little lump underneath the actual knee. I had it x-rayed and all that back then, but don't remember much. Basically if my legs are bent at less than a 90 degree angle for too long, my knees will start to hurt. (Can't sit criss-cross applesauce for very long, etc)
    My back is pretty stiff, nothing too serious or anything, but if I'm bent over for a bit and straighten my back out again it's pretty uncomfortable. 
    The chronic pain from the headaches and knees are mostly what I'm going for here as they do exist and have been happening for years, just not ever serious enough to go to a doctor for.
    I have tried Aspirin many times, and it does absolutely nothing for my headaches. I haven't used it for my knees as all I have to do to get rid of the knee pain is straighten out my legs (but I shouldn't have knee pain to begin with and with cannabis I don't have to worry about being uncomfortable in certain positions)
    Are there specific doctors or clinics or something that are known for getting people with less serious chronic pain, mmj cards?.. In Oregon more specifically. 
    Oh, almost forgot, depression. I know that doesn't technically count according to the requirements in Oregon, but it could help. I've had depression for years that comes and goes, but is completely gone when I smoke as my worries and overactive brain are put at ease. I also have some social anxiety that causes me to over think things and make me uncomfortable in a lot of social situations and it helps with that as well. I believe a lot of that depression comes from the anxiety issues I have and my overactive noodle. 
    Cannabis just significantly increases my quality of life and really helps me through the issues I have, as insignificant as they may seem. 
    I know it can be frowned upon to take advantage of the system, but cannabis should not be illegal in the first place, so it is A: their fault, and B: Not that bad because I do have chronic pain as well as other issues that are significantly reduced through the use of Cannabis. 
    I figure if I go in for a few doctors visits with the I need help with my headaches/knees/depression and I have no interest in non-natural treatment thing (which is true, I'd rather use as natural as possible solutions, I've heard the crazy side-effects that come with pills and I have no interest in that). Why would I want all sorts of pills with terrible side effects when I can have one natural herb that makes it all pretty much go away?

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    why do people even ask this question anymore find a "doctor" and get your mmj card i think you can find doctors at
  3. Maybe because it's a unique situation... for everybody... so it completely makes sense for every single person to ask this, just substituting what their issues are. Why do people even answer questions they don't actually have the answers to. 
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    i didnt read your post and i wasnt insulting you in anyway all im saying is you can get a cannabis card just by saying it helps you sleep and helps you eat your just making it more complicated bring a
    and i do know the answer to your question its a big fuckin yes thats why i posted in the first place
    here i did the work for you heres 5 doctors in oregon
    1847 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214
    425 Madison, Corvallis, OR 97333
    247 W. 10th Ave , Eugene, Or 97401
    (541) 779-5235
    836 E. Main St. #6, Medford, OR 97504
    142 N.W. Hawthorne Ave., Bend, OR 97701
    and all you need is pocket with cash and a valid reason for the cannabis card 
  5. Ah alright, thanks man. I didn't pay much attention to that site initially because it was only showing me washington, and wouldn't change, then realized it was chrome's fault. 
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    aren't there doctors that practically give out MMJ cards, go see them, pay the GP fees and a "valid" reason
  7. The problem is finding them... you can't just "go see them" when you have no idea what ones will actually give it to you without going crazy needing me to have cancer or something. 
  8. For many years I had intense knee pain while sitting in any position other than legs straight. Starting Strength and squats completely took away that pain. No bullshit.
    Convincing people that it works is as hard as convincing a prohibitionist that cannabis cures cancer. They both work.
    All the best.
  9. I'm in the process of getting my ommp card. So maybe I can help answer some questions. I'm getting it for chronic pain as well. (Meralgia parasthetica) They asked that I have a medical record no older then 3 years that deals with the qualifying issues. And it does not need to be from Oregon. My were from Iowa. Also my appointment will cost me $120.
    This is through the thc clinic. I'm not sure if its different with other places, but I'm sure you can call and ask.

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