Possible deficiency please help identify.

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  1. My purple trainwreck is having some issues. I'm not sure what is wrong. Some of the leaves are getting yellowish brown in some spots. Not sure if it's nute burn cal mag def or something else. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm growing in soil with fox farm nutes. I haven't given this plant to much nutes because she had nute burn early in her life. I did give her half strength tiger bloom nutes about a week ago. I've given my blue cheese pretty much the same thing except a bit more nutes and she is doing really well so it must have something to do with the genetics. Here's some pics.

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  2. The purple Trainwreck has only had nutes 4 times her entire life. The problem is the soil was hot as a seedling so I didn't need to add much and I think I still over did it. If it's nute burn I'll be happy. That's a real easy fix. I've been only giving her water. I have not tried to flush. Do you think I should?

    Blunts, Bitches and Banjos
  3. Awesome thanks for that chart! I've seen it before but couldn't find it again. I'll save it now. There is stuff called calmag I can use if it does get worse right?

    Blunts, Bitches and Banjos
    It is calcium and a magnesium deficiency for sure. They are flowering and tend to be hungry for those elements.
    cal-mag is what you need. I always use it with my feed or hydro soup.
  5. Do I use as directed on bottle or is there a standard I should adhere to?

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  6. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415397814.857933.jpg

    This the stuff right?

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    yes follow the directions. I use a syringe to measure it out.
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    too much nutes imo..
    those leaves look dark and on their way to becoming crispy.
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    It could possibly be the lighting because the leaves are actually very light green. Much lighter than my blue cheese. They don't feel dry at all either.

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    Perfect thanks a lot snoop.

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  10. See you can nuke a plant and still have the light green in the older leaves.
    Plants need magnesium to make chlorophyll so its possible to nuke a plant with too much nitrogen and other things and be deficient in magnesium.
    That is why I like hydro, I can control all that and if its bad fix it in 5 minutes. Just so much guesswork with soil.
    no guessing at all..
    add amendments to soil, add water every few days, harvest weed :p
    what's good snoop?
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    It all looks pretty normal for flowering.

    Could use some cal/mag
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  13. This is only the second one I've got to flower so I wasn't sure if that was it or if it needs something since it's only about 4 or 5 weeks in flower and still a ways to go. I ordered some calmag should be here in a couple days and hopefully that will sort things out. It smells sooooo good right about now too.

    Blunts, Bitches and Banjos

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